Thursday, September 27, 2012

Instagram + Extensions? Also- iPhone Cover Winners

If you read my BATTLE with hypocrisy post from last week, you know that unfortunately I'm now the owner of an iPhone. For the record, when I first typed that sentence, I used the word "not" instead of "now". Mhm. Freudian much?! I don't enjoy smartphones, data plans and most of all apple. But I do love my husband. Very much.
So here we are.
Anyway- there was one bright, shiny part of the iPhone deal that did get me a *titch* excited. Instagram, yo'. Everyone is always taking super sweet pictures and uploading them and I'm all lame with effect-free, rectangular pictures. Not anymore! If you want to follow me on Instagram, that'd be cool. You can find me under aunak. Someone already had the username "auna". It was clearly shocking. I'm not accustomed to people having my name. Ever.
Also, I recently got clip in extensions. Go ahead and laugh. They were on ebay for $9 (synthetic, ps) so I thought I'd give it a try. GROWING OUT MY HAIR has been an exceptionally long and annoying process. I'd like to speed it up. My friend Nikki is totally baller with extensions. I'm not that great, but working on it. I may do a post about how to use them in the future. I don't think I'll wear my hair down with them, but I do foresee other really awesome options and ways to bust them out without looking too obvious.
I didn't go to the store yesterday.. so... no creativity today. Hopefully tonight. Cross your fingers. I'm really struggling with the lack of DIY blogging. I'm about to start "refashioning" things that are perfect the way they are and destroy my entire closet.
And iPhone Cover Winners are...
1. Holly Davis
2. Kimberley Owens
3. Catrina Lavoie
4. Marie Eastman
First come, first served as far as the 4 color options go so send me a facebook message OR email ( to claim yours. One of them is a hunter green shade, so if you love that- awesome. If not, I can make it into something Christmas related. It'll be cute. We'll talk about it.
Ok, well have a great day! I'll be drawing the name of the custom clutch winner soon. I'm 3 (perfume + 2 DIY beach wraps..) prizes behind so I *have* to catch up before we leave for Europe. Perhaps that will be what I do with the bottled up creative energy.
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Hair growth tip - prenatals are a girls best friend. Take them at bed time for better/faster absorption and biotin and folate in the morning. I had an inch growth each month!
    Also have quite a few great extension companies if you want!

    1. Ohh Nadia! and you have fab hair. Did you notice if the vitamins did anything else for you, too??

    2. Well thank you love. Oh yea!! My nails are like concrete now, my skin rarely breaks out and full honesty - my monthly "mood swings" are sooo much lighter emotionally.
      I can tell a huge difference when I do and don't take them. Overall, prenatals are the best for women!!

    3. well clearly i've already added it to tomorrow's shopping list!

  2. Great tip Nadia, I also am adding that to my shopping list!! :-)

    1. Oo! Let's compare notes in about a month? I'll message you. It seems like this would be a *great* blog post for women, but I want multiple experiences to draw from.

  3. I'll have a post on my blog soon on my vitamin regimen. Glad I could help! : )


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