Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alverde Natural Makeup + How to Fix Broken Powdered Makeup

So, I fell in love.
While we were cruising DM- my fav little pharmacy in Germany we came across Alverde Naturkosmetik . My friend, Ewa, who was shopping said that it has really great reviews (which it does) and that her friend with skin issues + a love for natural products raves about it.
That was all I needed to hear.
Within 5 seconds I had pretty much unloaded the entire collection into my basket.
Heh... heh heh, heh?
I have a serious addiction to NATURAL MAKEUP. I was especially excited about this, though, because at DM you can test everything. They have a little tester out for all of the products, which makes purchasing such a snap. You always know what you're getting! Another major reason for screaming out with joy was the price tag. Cheap. SO cheap. We're talking Covergirl cheap once you convert from Euro to dollar. I never see natural makeup priced this way. I was extremely suspicious. You see, in Good Old America- the word "natural" is not regulated. Organic is- but natural isn't. That means that any brand can basically slap the word "natural" on a product even if it the most chemical-laden sludge ever created. While I can't vouch 100% for Alverde, I did discover that it's backed by THIS SITE which is an international non-prof that holds companies to strict regulations. If you're a major organic lover- I wouldn't recommend this since I can't figure out just how natural it is. But if you're interested in getting rid of a lot of chemical junk in your cosmetic case and making a painless switch- this is your brand. For sure. And by the way- while it isn't Dior, it is definitely the best natural mascara I've tried. The brush is just so nice and fat. It makes me so happy.
(facebook site here- click "zum shop")
This was my *first* run
I ended up going back and spending all of my remaining Euros on the blessed product after my first trip. I added in a brown eyeliner (love, so creamy- goes on beautifully with no tugging!) and a natural perfume. The perfume had listed ingredients and it is straight up legit. I was so happy. I can't even tell you how delicious it smells- and it was less than 8 Euro!! Here's a full list of what I bought + tried (but not all that I wanted!)...
a. Lippen-Balsam (clear lip balm- apparently it's amazing. I got it for my BFF)
b. Lipstick Pencil in Red (love- it's the shade in the photos, a perfect red for fall)
c. Perfume in Lemon Love
d. Liquid Eyeliner in schwarz (also wearing this in the photos)
e. Kajal Eyeliner- Braun
f. Mascara- all in one, schwarz
g. Lipstick- Alpenrot (this was a special edition bright red)
h. Puderrouge (blush)- Flamingo (also wearing this in the photos)
Everything total was less than 25 Euro. That's amazing. It all worked very well, too.
Excuse the braids- my hair was wet and I wanted it to dry wavy!
You can buy almost the entire collection from Amazon.de. It works best if you go to the FACEBOOK SITE first and then click "zum Shop". From there, google gives you the option to translate the page from German to English (or whatever language you speak) and you can go on as normal. Almost all of the products should ship to your country, but some may not. The other mascara that I wanted to try wouldn't ship.
So anyway, I love this makeup. I'm especially attached to the blush- it is such a gorgeous shade and it goes on so easily. You can imagine my distress when the *first day home* these two clumsy hands dropped the compact on the ground and shattered the powder.
But fortunately, my brain remembered an article from Seventeen Magazine that I read *at least* ten years ago. It was about saving broken makeup, of course! I don't think I would have remembered it except that every now and then I see a pin on pinterest that reminds me (save your broken makeup in 3 easy steps!) and I think to myself, 'ah, yes... she was also in the Seventeen Magazine Sorority'. Or maybe not. Maybe it's an entirely different method that I should check out. I never click them, so who knows??
You've probably seen this before, but if not allow me to share. If you have seen it, but never tried it then you can watch the process.
So here we have my broken compact. Look at that beautiful shade. I love it.
All you need to do is take some rubbing alcohol (70% or higher) and pour it in, 1/4 tsp at a time. The goal is to make the powder *mushy* but not too wet. You just want to be able to reshape it with a spoon. Once it is pliable, stop! If you add too much rubbing alcohol, I've found that the compact gets all crackly when it dries.
Spread it around until you get it all evenly distributed again and then let it be. It will dry looking like this (overnight usually). As you use a brush on it, the finish will eventually smooth down again. Want to know how cheap I am/how much I love this blush? I definitely saved the spoon with the blush remnants on it for later. I buffed my blush brush into it so that I could use the dried-on blush! Love is love.
It doesn't feel like Tuesday... it feels more like Wednesday or Thursday! I can hardly believe tomorrow is Halloween. I always forget about it. Do you have any big plans? Currently we're thinking we'll drink a Biggby and make some cookies (I have a fab recipe in mind, if it works, look for it on Thursday!). To all my East Coast readers- so many prayers go out to you! I hope you're staying safe and dry. For those of use unharmed by Sandy, let's be grateful! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Of all the products i'm most excited about this one. I hate that the US doesn't regulate the phrase "All Natural". This makeup looks wonderful. You would never know how inexpensive it is or that it's natural. I'm going to give this a try for sure!

    1. Please do! I absolutely love the line. They really should regulate the word. It's so frustrating to consider what we spend time regulating and what we leave as fair game!

  2. It does not feel like a Tuesday at all, but here in the mountains of NC, that's because we have a snow day and everything is shut down. It feels odd to be making snowmen on the day before Halloween--when I'll be dressing up as Captain Hook. (:

    I'm glad that you could fix your beloved blush; it is certainly a nice color.

    1. Oh my goodness! Is it common for you to get snow days in NC in general? It seems like it wouldn't be a super snowy place. Captain Hook- SOOOOO fantastic! I bet you'll be smashing :)

    2. Most of the state gets some snow, but only in the western parts with higher altitudes are snowy days common.

    3. Interesting. Sounds a lot better than Michigan!

  3. Great idea! I'm definitely going to try this.

    1. Beautiful name, Arina! Wish I could take credit for the idea, but I read it in a magazine as a teenager :/ Thanks for reading!!!


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