Monday, October 1, 2012

Battle of the Dairy-Free Yogurt

I love dairy. Being without the joy of cheese, milk shakes + ice cream is really almost too much to bear (1st world problems...). Of all of my food allergies, this one is the toughest. I'm not lactose intolerant, I'm actually casein intolerant, which is the protein found in milk. It's such a bummer. But it's also pretty severe, and seems to be getting worse. While on vacation this summer, I enjoyed a delicious ice cream cone from our favorite place. It has extreme sentimental meaning to us, as it was a place we walked to in Grand Haven on our first "back together" date after we broke up (read more of our story HERE). We ended up stopping in at the Pier Peddler after I tackled John on the boardwalk, giving both of us extremely bloodied lower halves, as well as wrists and arms. Heh heh... heh? I still have a scar on my ankle from the debacle.
Anyway- we wandered in there looking for band-aids and ended up leaving with some ice cream as well. So every time we go to GH, we always stop in there.
Holy cats. I got a double scoop waffle cone ... big mistake. I ended up getting down on the curb and laying there because I was too sick to move. Yeah. It was bad. So... after that episode I stopped "cheating" and just cut dairy right out.
This has left a yogurt shaped hole in my heart.
I recently read about coconut yogurt and rejoiced at the prospect of enjoying the goodness once more. YES! I've been searching for it over the last week and finally found some at my favorite grocery store in Lansing. I also saw another kind- almond. So I picked up some cartons of each to try. I thought I'd share my impressions with you! Just in case we have some dairy-free people in the house.
Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt Stats:
6 oz, $1.69 per carton
Contains live + active cultures
Low fat (2.5g per serving)
Non-genetically engineered
20% of your daily calcium
Good source of fiber (3g)
18g of sugar
1g of protein

So Delicious Greek Style Cultured Coconut Milk Stats:
6 oz, $1.89 per carton
Contains live + active cultures
High fat (4.5g per serving- 3.5 of which are saturated)
Certified Organic
30% of your daily calcium
Great source of fiber (8g)
11g of sugar
2 g of protein

Let's get to the review. The almond was the first up and I found the texture to be extremely smooth, though a bit watery. By a bit, I mean a lot. It was pretty watery. It tasted good and I think it would be excellent mixed with fresh berries, bananas + granola, which is how I like to eat my yogurt anyway. It isn't organic, but neither is most dairy yogurt. I'm a little concerned about whether or not the pesticides were properly washed off of the almonds used (I recently read that peanuts are a HUGE pesticide offender and only organic peanut products should be used). All things considered, it has less sugar than standard yogurt (though still quite a bit) and I liked it.
Let's talk about coconut yogurt. Sick. Disgusting. I was so grossed out. I took a picture to show you the texture, which is really chunky. I usually don't have texture issues, but I'm having an extremely hard time eating this.
I would never label it "so delicious", because even if I *could* get passed the texture, the flavor is still lacking. Though it was technically strawberry, I wouldn't have been able to ID that flavor. The coconut taste is really too present and overpowering of the gentle berry. I appreciate that it is organic, the sugar level is extremely low and there are tons of vitamins contained inside, but wow. I can't do it. I'd be willing to try another brand, but I will never buy this one again. If it wasn't so expensive it would already be in the garbage can. I'm currently trying to convince John to finish it for me, but he refuses. What does that tell you?? He took one bite and refused the rest.  Ooh! And now it's in the garbage. John decided the assault on our taste buds wasn't worth $1.89. We never decide that. Throwing away food goes against everything in me. Nasty.
**so, I just tried the vanilla Almond Dream yogurt and it wasn't as good as the mixed berry. I used berry flavors for the comparison so that they'd be comparable. The vanilla Almond Dream is much thicker than the berry but also a bit chunky. It was more edible than the So Delicious Coconut, but not as good as mixed berry. :)
Ok, I have a big week lined up! This weekend I was able to kick out a bunch of posts, there are already 4 done and ready to be photographed by John and shared with you! I hope your Monday was awesome! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

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