Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Asymmetrical 'Bonfire Hoodie' (men's hoodie refashion)

This is another one of those brilliant projects that didn't turn out the way I envisioned, kind of the like the JET-SETTER WRAP. It's ok when that happens, though, the project just morphs into something else.
I had pinned a *gorgeous* hoodie on Pinterest months ago from a foreign vendor. It wasn't sold in the US, so there was only the option of making it. I won't show you the inspiration, because I'm going to take what I learned here and apply it toward making that hoodie in the near future, so you'll have to wait :)
I like this, though. It's cute and I think it would be super fun for a bonfire. It's fun, and most of all it's fitted. If you cut out the asymmetrical aspect, it's actually pretty easy to make. When you consider that I made it from a men's (size medium- though the sleeves + length fit perfectly, so I'm questioning that...) hoodie that I got at Goodwill for $3, that's a pretty stinking awesome project.
(1) Rip it. The first thing I did was take a seam ripper to the front pocket. I started on one end and just went to work, carefully removing the pocket and then setting it aside for later. If your pocket is sewn into the bottom hem, just cut as closely along the hem line as possible, that's what I had to do, too.
(2) Split it. I cut a straight line from bottom to top in the middle. You'll notice that I had to seam rip away the front part of the hoodie as well to get that clean center cut. You don't want to slice through your hoodie, so if the front two pieces are crossed in front of each other, uncross them first using a seam ripper.
(3) Angle it. I used my zipper length (22 inches) as a guide and marked out my desired angle with a yard stick. I traced along the yard stick with a fabric pen and then cut. Remember, you can only make your angle as long as your zipper length.

(4) Zipper it. Ok... I messed up BIG TIME here. I accidentally got the wrong kind of zipper. I got the ones that are made for skirts/pants, not the kind made for jackets. Sooo... in order to put this on I have to step into it. Hah. That made this whole creative process extremely difficult. Because of that, I don't want to go too in depth about how I attached this little error. Just refer to the instructions on your zipper package. I will say that to get the angle on the OTHER side, I used my scrap from the first angle, reversed it so that the skinny part was on bottom and the wide toward the top and then traced it with a fabric pencil again. I didn't cut- I just sewed the zipper along that line. I left the fabric so that it would show and make the sweatshirt more angled. However, I forgot that when taking pictures and folded the flap in, thus causing the zipper to try to "center" itself toward the top.
(5) Hood it. Next, I folded the extra edges from the top of the hood (where it was crossed) under and pinned them. I also pinned down along the raw edges on both sides and then sewed them with a straight stitch in a coordinating thread color.
(6) Fit it. The mid section should already be fitted by now, but if it isn't, then you can roll that into this part away. Here I took in the sleeves to make them tighter. I can look at them and do it from memory because I've taken in so many items, but if you're just starting, it helps to lay a well fitted item over top as a guide and then pin. Remember to use seam allowance. For more information about this step, click HERE. Run it through with a straight stitch, cut away excess.
(7) Pocket it. Whip out that pocket, fold in half and cut. Now pin them on to the sweatshirt, folding the edges under so that they look neat. Run through with a straight stitch on your sewing machine. Remember to leave that 4th side open for your hands to go in! You'll notice that mine are centered based on the *sweatshirt* and not the zipper, since it's asymmetrical.
DONE! I think it's so cozy and comfortable for fall. Perfect for bonfires, and a great way to make an old, cruddy sweatshirt over. You can tell from the pictures that I haven't washed this yet (gross, I know), but when I do the old seams will relax and disappear. 
Also, check out these skinny jeans. I refashioned them the same weekend... click HERE to learn more!
That's it for me, people. I hope your week was lovely. We're having a Wizard of Oz themed party for my niece this weekend, so there will be lots of fun pictures and tutorials from that next week! Enjoy your weekend, all the best and as always- thanks for reading!

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  1. Great DIY project. Your pictures are looking great, too. :)


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