Thursday, October 25, 2012

Euro Beauty 1: Dresdner Essenz

Can we talk for a moment about how much I love this stuff? While we were in Dresden, Germany, Ewa kept talking about a line of products that could only be purchased in apothecaries in Dresden that we *had* to buy. We were only there for a short time, but on our way out of the city, Ewa had Andi pull the car over so that we could run very quickly into a shop to get some of the products.
One sniff of the goodness and I was in love.
Generally I'm an "all natural, or better yet organic" kind of girl, but this is the exception. I did a quick scan of the ingredients before purchasing and they are so-so. The items I checked out were free of a lot of common toxins, but I wouldn't label this a natural product.
I snatched up a "Magic Spell Body Oil" that is a combination of grapefruit + pomegranate that will make you cry tears of joy as well as the Cocoa Vanilla Bath Oil. Ahh. It smells so deliciously edible.
Ewa got some body wash (in a lovely aloe scent as well as some amazing peony varieties) and body cream. They made a wide range of products (click here- translatable to English) that are all pretty stinking good. They're extremely affordable, too. Both oils (which were 3.3 oz each) were less than 5 euro each.
Here's the best news... Not living in Dresden? No problem. It seems (I did a test, but didn't actually purchase) that you can buy directly from the site I linked to. I have no idea how much international shipping would cost (if you aren't German or won't be visiting there), but if you're into exotic oils + body care, this is worth a try.
I have one other great beauty brand I want to feature (which is natural and again, affordable) soon. It's a makeup brand that I absolutely fell in love with (best natural mascara I've ever tried!) and is also online-available if you can be sneaky enough.
Just a quick update today! Hopefully we can hit up some stores this weekend and get cracking on great DIYs for next week! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. These sound awesome! I'm glad your skin healed so well! I was so scared for you!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I'm pretty relieved that it's over. Girls at professional salons were saying that the skin is usually very discolored for months after that. But it's all back to normal!


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