Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More iPhone + Smartphone Cover Refashions (winners)

First things first:
Holly Davis
Catrina Lavoie
Marie Eastman
NEED TO CONTACT ME by the end of the week about winning the iPhone covers or I'm going to have to pull new names. My goal is to get both beach wraps, a perfume, the phone covers AND this month's winner (clutch) out before we leave for Europe. And that is very soon. Speaking of the September winner... congratulations to Rosita Navarro! You win a custom clutch (envelope or fold over style) email me at OR connect with me through facebook to talk about your prize!
So, I decorated my iPhone cover again. You have seen THE LAST custom cover post I did where I made a cute gold bow. I actually ended up doing the gold bow on my husband's white cover (heh heh... heh...) because my cover got ruined. I spray painted it (which was fab) and then decided after two coats one more would just be the icing on the cake. Sprayed it, walked away... and returned to find that a wind gust had blown ridiculous amounts of leaf debris + dirt into the wet paint. Cool.
I sanded it down, repainted, sanded down and repainted... but I could never get an absolutely perfect finish again after the wind debacle. It was a serious bummer because I *really* liked the case! It's extremely protective without being too bulky. Sad. SO I decided to bust out the refashioning again and ended up trying a few more methods on it.
(1) Contact paper. I've used this contact paper before in a few tutorials (here and here). I simply traced the phone cover on to the contact paper, peeled it off and stuck it on! It worked well. It didn't cover the sides, though.
(2) Modpodge. I printed out a design from the computer that I adored. It's an illustration + quote from my fav book. Next, I sprayed 3M spray adhesive on the phone cover. I stuck the paper over top and folded down the corner areas. Once it was on and dry, I used scissors to cut around the edges so that the paper lined up perfectly with the edge of the cover. Then I used an xacto knife to cut out the camera hole + volume holes. Lastly, I used a sponge brush to apply modpodge on top of the paper, taking extra care to really cover the corners. It dried and I LOVE the results! I've been using this cover for about a week now and it isn't showing signs of wear. I'm considering adding another coat of modpodge, but I don't know how necessary that is.

Voila! I'm sorry about the lack of photos. I went through so much nonsense with the stupid cover that I didn't have the energy to take pictures of the process. I tried several other processes on the cover between the spray paint + the contact paper that failed miserably. I wish I had taken a picture of the cover before modpodging over the nonsense. There were marks from sharpie pens, paint pens... adhesive residues. It was a mess. SO ugly. I never thought it could be saved... but I *love* the way it looks now! If you have an ugly case, I highly recommend using one of these three methods to fix it up and make it truly represent you!

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