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The Anatomy of a Travel Outfit + Help for the Flying Phobic

It's not a secret. If you know me well, you probably have heard stories about my hatred for flying. They're kind of legendary in their pathetic-ness. Images of Meg Ryan in French Kiss should be entering your head. We're talking bad, people. Like... one time? I had to sing to myself in order to get calmed down. But not quietly. No. I wish. People 5 rows up could hear me.
And another time I grabbed my BFF's leg mid-freak out... and when I picked up my hand there was a perfectly formed sweat mark on her jeans. It soaked right through.
How grown-up of me.
Anyway... today's post is going to focus on how to travel in style and also give some help to those who don't enjoy soaring in a giant metal tube thousands of feet in the air. While I hate traveling, I do like to look nice while I'm doing it. It's totally psychological- looking put-together on the outside helps you feel a little more like you've got things put-together on the inside. Plus, I feel less judged for my bizarre flying behavior. "Wow, that girl is freaking out... but her jacket is cute?" (jk on that...)
It's also important to be comfortable when traveling, right? I mean, looking good is nice...but if you can't get some sleep on that 14 hour flight, what's the point? You'll just look a wreck when you arrive anyway. That's why I have created the anatomy of the perfect travel outfit. It's cute, it's comfortable and it got me through a) a 2 hour drive to Detroit... b) a 3 hour wait for the flight c) 8 hours on the plane d) layover in Amsterdam e) another flight to Poland f) 5 hours waiting at the train station and g) a 7 hour train ride. That's a lot of traveling before we could change. And also, a lot of opportunities to sleep. Let's break it down.
There are two parts to the outfit. The first part is the "between" outfit. This is what you wear while you're IN the airport or AT the train station, etc. The second part is the "during" outfit, which is what you convert into during actual travel.
Here's a slight variation of my travel outfit from home to Wroclaw, Poland... let me break it down for you.
a) VS Yoga Leggings. These are a bit pricey, but the kind you'll want are also the least expensive. Go for a very minimal band- black or grey and stretchy with printed lettering. The kinds with bling as well as the patterned, non-stretchy bands are the MOST expensive and the LEAST comfortable. You could technically go with any leggings, but I like the yoga leggings from VS because they're so stinking thick and opaque. They'll hold up much better on a long trip (we didn't change for like 36 hours... ) and you don't have to worry about them being even the least bit see-through. Plus they really hold everything in. I love them. (ps- I'm not wearing them in these photos- they were wet still from being washed :( )
b) A flowy tank or tee. Mine was a dark grey with lace trim at the top and back. Make sure it's long enough to cover your bum (I'm not down with the leggings as pants thing). It'll almost feel like a sleep shirt on the plane.
c) A leather (or pleather) jacket. I like wearing my jacket because it looks more put together and it also means I don't have to pack it. That's a plus. You don't want your jacket to be stowed away in your checked luggage and then find out your luggage was lost. That'll be one cold week (assuming your climate requires a jacket...)
d) Boots. I love boots. They're my favorite thing in the world. I like to wear them on the plane so that again- I don't have to pack them. They're really heavy and I need all of the extra weight I can get for that checked luggage! If you hate boots, you could always sub in a pair of ballerina flats. I like to wear compression socks (don't judge) on the plane, so boots work for me. If you just want to pack a pair of socks in your carry on, be my guest.
e) Scarf. I always wear a scarf on the plane. You can wrap it around your shoulders like a blanket if it's chilly (those complimentary blankets are useless) or you can put it over your eyes like a mask. I did that since I forgot my eye mask and it worked even better!
"During" conversion
To convert to your "during" travel outfit, just make a few swaps!
a) Sweatshirt. Stow your jacket and put on something more comfortable. I made the JET SETTER wrap *just* for this. But you can use any sort of sweatshirt/sweater/cardi that is super warm and comfortable.
b) Booties. Ditch the boots for a pair of bootie slippers. Ahh. Now you're ready to snuggle up and sleep!
top Polyvore link here 
Second conversion link here
Now let's talk about flying.
Ugh. My least favorite topic. I hate flying *almost* as much as I love traveling- which poses a nice, fat problem. I refuse to allow that to rule our lives and more importantly- for that to stop us from seeing my loved ones overseas.
If you're not a fan of flying, I'm sure you've heard all the same things before. Anytime... *every* time someone hears that I dislike flying, s/he instantly starts giving me stats about the safety of aviation. "You know... you're more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the airport..."
Yes, I'm aware.
While I appreciate (really, I do) their attempts to be helpful, they're useless. I always tell people, "irrational fears are just that- irrational". I used to take anxiety meds to help when flying but they *never* worked. Ever. I recently read some studies about how they may actually be detrimental to use while flying, so this year I decided not to take them. I did much better, actually. I was very calm without them. Also, I found THIS WEBSITE to be super helpful. I didn't buy anything from them, but I did read all of the message boards, watch all of the (free) videos and read basically everything on the site. If it was available to me without pay, I took advantage. It does have a ton of statistics, but it also helps you identify what your issue with flying is so that you can better address it. For example- I know a lot of statistics about flying and thanks to that website I also really have a better understanding about how airplanes work. My issue isn't really a fear that the plane will crash (though it started that way when I was younger). I've discovered that the struggle is being stuck up in the air for hours and unable to get out. Especially over the ocean. It's a feeling of being trapped. Once I figured that out, it was easier to deal with my hatred for flying.
Not that I had a great time flying this year. Our flight home was pretty bumpy and both flights left me dizzy + motion sick... but I was able to relax and actually enjoy the in-flight entertainment (I watched so many movies!). That was a major improvement.
Many apologies for the DIY lackage. There just hasn't been a spare moment to hit up any stores since we got home. I have so many great things to show you, too! Hopefully we can get out there in the next week. All the best and as always- thanks for reading!

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