Monday, November 26, 2012

BEST Makeup Artist Ever? + I Let John Do My Makeup....

I talked John into watching an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras this weekend. He was so stinking horrified that we had to shut it off pretty quickly though. I don't endorse beauty pageants for small children (whhaaatt? Are we seriously judging between as few as *two* small girls and giving one an award for "most beautiful"?) or the way their moms behave, but there's some sort of morbid curiosity that makes me wonder how the things that are said and done on that show are even possible.
Anyway, part way through the show I started to wonder about the makeup. All of the girls had the exact same vibe going on, they're super airbrushed looking. I decided it must be some sort of technique and googled it.
In the midst of the google frenzy, I stumbled upon this youtube superstar makeup artist doing a tutorial. She is incredible. I got hooked pretty quickly and watched several of her videos. It was especially interesting to me that she could transform herself to look like different celebrities solely using makeup. It makes me very curious if stars are even recognizable without makeup or if many of them have entirely contoured faces created by talented artists.
(faves include: punk rock, valentine doll + Pocahontas)
In the last video I watched, she let her husband do her makeup. It was pretty stinking entertaining and made me wonder what would happen if I let John do mine. So the next day, I did! He was nervous about it, so he only did a more natural look, but I was impressed! It seemed like an awful lot of bronzer when he finished, but in the pictures it looks just fine. That makes me think that he has a better understanding of makeup for photography than I do- and perhaps he should start doing my makeup more often!
Would you ever let your husband/significant other do your makeup? HA! Short post for today. Lots of DIYs and refashions already finished for this week- just need to find the time to post them! Have a fab night. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

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