Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Create a Virtual Closet with Polyvore

Are you into POLYVORE?
I used to love pinning great outfit/closet ideas from Pinterest as they came along but recently created my own account. I did that so that I could re-create the PERFECT TRAVEL outfit for you, but fell so deeply in love with Polyvore that I must share it with you today.
So... you know that I try to BE CONTENT WITH WHAT I HAVE, right? Well sometimes that's kind of hard here in America, where even the people we call "poor" are more fortunate than most of the world (not that you won't find extreme poverty here, too). Polyvore is so helpful for that! I discovered this special little tab the other day that says "my items" and it changed the way I use the program. Basically, I created my own virtual closet. Now, honestly, that's probably what Polyvore is for? Maybe? I don't know. Nor do I care. I'm just so happy about it.
All you have to do is add the "clip to Polyvore" link to your tool bar and then anytime you see something you own (or similar), you can add it to the "my items" tab using that button on your browser's tool bar. You can also save items to your "my items" tab by clicking the heart option next to an item on Polyvore. I've done that when I found another user uploaded something that I own already which is no longer for sale on the designer's website. I've been slowly building my own virtual closet there and then creating outfits with it, like the one below.
Some quick bullet points of why I love this?
A. I can organize and go through my entire closet on my screen. This is great because of the whole "out of sight, out of mind" rule. I have so many sweaters, accessories, shoes, etc. that I don't ever remember to wear because they're folded or stored away instead of being hung up in my closet. And I never want to dig through my clothes, no. Never. This way I can say, "Oh yea! I forgot about that belt!" and put it to good use.
B. I can pre-create outfits. Um. I live for this (no, not really. That would be a super vapid reason to live). But really I love it. Not so much now that I wear lounge clothes all day nanny, but I used to be compulsive about laying out an outfit the night before, and sometimes planning the entire week in advance. This will make planning outfits a snap- and even better? It will make *packing* insanely easy. We travel a lot, especially since neither of our families are local, and we try to carry as little as possible. Going through my virtual closet and choosing a few pieces to mix and match will help create enough outfits with as little amount of clothing coming in as possible. And less to wash upon return :)
It also serves as a catalog, so you can see what you *have* worn that was super cute and want to wear again.
C. It shows where holes in a wardrobe are. You may find that you have pieces that are never being used because they're lacking *something*. Maybe you'd wear that (insert item here) if it had shoes that actually went with it, or a belt to cinch the waist .. or whatever. And maybe you find that many of your unworn/rarely worn items are lacking the same common denominator.
D. I can "shop my own closet" easier. So here's the deal... you can go through other users outfits to gain inspiration. And it tells you everything you need to know-the designer, website of purchase and price for each item, so that you can get the *same* one yourself. OR, you can do what I do. I look at an outfit I love, then go back to *my* virtual closet and see what I have that is similar. Sometimes you can achieve the same look just by having the same silhouette, but in different patterns or fabric. Other times it may be the color combination of an outfit that speaks to you, etc. It will show you how to style items you already own. YES! Fantastic. I'm always surprised how many Polyvore outfits I can copy with pieces already in my closet.
It's always hard to explain things like this online (at least for me!), it'll be much easier if you just jet over there and look around. And if you want- you can follow my outfits here! I hope your week is going well. Things have been pretty crazy since we got back, but I'm *really, really, really* hoping to get to a store and carve out some crafting/DIY this weekend. I have so much inspiration from Europe to share! Anyway... soon :) All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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