Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Christmas Refashions: Matching Christmas Dishes

Another super easy refashion today! This is more of a money saver than anything- so if you're cheap frugal, read on.
I bought these dishes (see left) last year from Macy's. They were part of a "Twelve Days of Christmas" series from Lenox. I absolutely loved everything about them. I only pictured the first dish, but there are 4 in the set and each plate has 3 days of Christmas represented on it. Fantastic. The French Hens are my faves though.
Anyway, I wanted the entire set but it was super expensive. I ended up getting two sets of the dishes (one set from my mom, Thanks mom!) at half price after Christmas and 2 sets of kitchen towels. When I went to pull them out this weekend, I was super disappointed. Apparently I had convinced myself over the last year that I owned the entire set- not just 2 sets of dessert plates + 2 kitchen towels.
So I got creative. You know what's better than buying an entire expensive set? Buying the prettiest part and then matching the rest.
The dessert plates were definitely the show stealer in this collection. I vaguely remember disliking the mugs and thinking the serving platter was way overpriced. An easy way to get festive without buying an entire set is to do what I did: buy the plates + match the rest.
It's really easy to find red + bright green mugs/chargers/serving platters any and everywhere for much cheaper (dollar store!) than I could have ever gotten them from Macy's, and that's the game plan.
I started with this red tea kettle my aunt gave me for Christmas last year. Nothing is better than free, right?
I taped it off into even sections. After that, I took a gold sharpie and started writing the lyrics to "Twelve Days of Christmas" across it in haphazard cursive to match it back to the plates. As I finished a line, I moved the tape down to the next even section. The three markings of tape you see in the photo above were just to help me spatially see what I was working with.
You may find that getting plain dishes that are color-coordinated with your key pieces is enough. You may also want to use a stencil to color on a design or even just polka dots. However you want to tie them in (if necessary) is great! The point is really more that you don't have to go all out on an expensive holiday-themed set. There is another way!
I also colored the knob in on top and repeated the same thing on the other side of the kettle. Voila! Cheap and easy and now it goes with my plates! As I find more (the mugs, which I hope to find ones that are either red or green and striped with white, and chargers) I'll show you their transformation.
I'm not a fan of drawing on anything that a person would eat or drink off of, even if the paint says it's non-toxic. Maybe I'm a little too paranoid. But the outsides of mugs + chargers (which the plate we'd eat off would go on top of), those don't bother me one bit.
Now I just need to have friends over so we can use everything! Ahhh- here's to spreading Christmas cheer! Have a lovely day everyone, all the best and as always- thanks for reading!


  1. Love this! I'm slowly adding to my Christmas decor each week and this will be my next addition :)

    1. YAY! Slowly is how I roll, too ;) send me a pic when you're done!

  2. I read somewhere that if you bake that in the oven for awhile, it will never wash off or fade.

    1. I read that, too. I researched it but it seemed that it started with a switch from a paint pen to a sharpie based on a collage posted to Pinterest. So until I can verify it myself- I can't endorse it. I've done a lot of tutorials about writing on objects with sharpies before and after that but still haven't tested it!! If you get around to it and happen to remember, please let me know!


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