Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy Christmas Refashions: Mr. + Mrs. Ornaments

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with my immediate family. It was incredible. Aside from seeing my brother, parents + nieces (which is always wonderful), my mom made a delicious spread of awesome food. She's a fantastic chef and everything was from scratch, of course. If you've never had entirely homemade stuffing, you're missing out! As if it wasn't enough to eat our weight in turkey, my parents sent us home with a whole bag of leftovers. Today for lunch I had a turkey + mashed potato sandwich. Don't knock it til you've tried it.
I'm literally salivating.
Anyway- I'm in a turkey coma now so all I can do is show you some easy projects from over the weekend.
I'm trying to focus on creating easy, fun projects in addition to more labor-intensive projects this year. This week we'll be doing *only* 10 minute or less makeovers, and first up we have these little penguins.
I saw them at Meijer and fell in love. They're so sweet! Penguins are John's favorite animal at the zoo, so they really needed to come home with us. I bought two because as soon as we saw them, I knew I'd be making them into "Mr." and "Mrs." style ornaments. You can really do this with any animal ornament you find. Our tree is filled with all sorts of wild creatures- owls, fish, reindeer and more! 
First you'll get some Elmer's or craft glue and create a bow shape with it. I like to squeeze a little bit out on to a piece of paper and then use a toothpick to draw the shape. If you have no artistic abilities, simply draw two vertical lines and then connect them in the middle with a horizontal line. Lastly, turn the two vertical lines into triangles that touch at the points. The end!
Next I sprinkled a generous heap of glitter over the glue. Pink for mine and black for John's of course! Let it dry for a few seconds and then shake the excess off. Allow them to dry fully (about an hour) and then gently blow off any remaining rogue glitter. 
We always change the ornament hooks to these curly ones from Target. I've been buying them for about 4 or 5 years, they're always in stock. I wait until the end of the season though and buy them for .50- .75 cents per pack instead of paying full price. I have *hundreds and hundreds*. 
These would be easy presents to give away to newlyweds if you're looking for (slightly) handmade, inexpensive gifts. That would be me. Always. :) Tomorrow I'll show you a little refashion I did to match a set of Christmas dishes. I hope you had a splendid weekend and that your Monday has started out well. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


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