Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook followers- read!

Hi everyone!
Just a quick note... if you haven't heard from other bloggers yet, facebook is screwing up big time with us. In order for our followers to see our posts in their newsfeeds, we now have to *pay* money to promote them. Yeah. My blog doesn't generate enough income for that. At the very most, on a crazy good day, my posts go out to 40% of readers' newsfeeds. Usually it's more like 25%. Cool.
If you want to stay in the loop on facebook- head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and hover over the "like" button. Next click "add to interests", then create an interest group and you'll start seeing posts. I usually post 5 days per week, but you're likely not seeing them, unless you frequently comment or "like" the posts.
I won't say anything else about it, really, because if you follow several bloggers you've probably already seen a lot of ranting about it. It really stinks for us in so many ways. If you don't mind missing posts, that's cool! You can still win prizes each month- which by the way, if I owe you something, I promise to ship it next week! Ah. Our (very small) post office keeps short hours AND they close the entire office for an hour every day (lunch). And I happen to always choose the lunch hour, apparently... sooo... I wasn't able to mail anything before Europe. They're all just sitting there by my door. Scads of sad little boxes waiting to go out.
A reliable way to follow is through BLOGLOVIN, which delivers all of your favorite blogs to your inbox each day.
The end.


  1. So annoying. In Facebook under "interests" I've added pages like yours to "pages". What I've ended up doing is going to the pages I really love individually if I don't see a post for a while. Also strange, I have FB set to display "sort: most recent" news stories and it's still displaying posts from last week!!! FB is destroying itself.

    1. YES! It's driving me out of my mind. Facebook really needs to take a cue from the public- if they do their job right, they *will* make money. If they base all of facebook around fattening their wallets, they'll lose their user base and consequently, lose money.


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