Wednesday, December 12, 2012

(MORE) Jar Refashions/uses

Our home is overrun with jars.
It's out of control and ridiculous (if you want them- please- take them away!). I've done a few tutorials about getting rid of excess jars and am adding to the collection today!
First up we have the bathroom jars. I use these to sort out hair ties, cotton balls, bobbie pins... everything.
All I did was give them a coat of glitter paint (Martha Stewart- multi surface) and then hot glue this sparkly ribbon to the top to hide the threads. I don't put lids on these since unscrewing a cap to get bobbie pins out isn't happening in my world. Generally, when I need a bobbie pin one hand is already (barely) holding my hair in place while the other is searching for a means to secure it. No lids, thanks.
Even though the jars are all different, the coat of paint + ribbon helps tie them together and keeps it more polished.
I also used a BUNCH to store our coffee grounds. John likes to get trials of the latest Biggby coffee and storing it in bags just makes our shelf look messy. Instead, I gathered jars in various sizes (to accommodate the different amount of ounces we buy) and converted them.
It was as simple as taping them off and giving them each three coats of Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint. I should have put chalkboard paint on the lids, too, but didn't. I merely spray painted those black. I couldn't find my chalk, so I used a font for that last picture.
As I mentioned yesterday, John's computer is being used for blogging over the next two weeks... which means the blog won't be nearly as wordy... his keyboard stinks!
Have the greatest night! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading

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