Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Easiest Mistletoe EVER!

Christmas is just one week away. It feels unreal and impossible.
For the first time ever we're nearly done with Christmas shopping before Christmas Eve. 90% of the gifts are wrapped and under our tree and we're merely waiting for the others, we have them picked out.
Our home was decorated in November.
Our plans have been settled for weeks.
It just doesn't seem like Christmas. Not because of a lack of snow (I'm questioning whether we even live in Michigan at this point) or a lack of preparation, lights + music... it just doesn't.
I'm still grieving (as I'm sure you are) for the families of those children in Connecticut. I try not to mention them because they're minors, but I care for four small children as a nanny, 2 of which are 5 and the eldest is 7. I can't imagine anyone trying to hurt them.
A friend of John's lost his wife shortly after their first child was born. He wrote a post in response and said that if you're the praying type- prayers do help. He said something about knowing that you aren't alone really does make the darkness more bearable. He said if you aren't the praying type, even thoughts help. So, continue to send out prayers for these families who certainly won't be feeling so joyful one week from today. I can't even fathom their pain.
When tragedy strikes, I'm always so much more grateful for what I have, especially my sweet husband. He so loves Christmas and was disappointed when we couldn't find our mistletoe this year. Last week, I whipped up the easiest/cheapest mistletoe I could find and wanted to share it with you.
I'm not sure where people are supposed to find mistletoe. Honestly... I just use sprigs from craft stores that are meant to be put into wreaths. I got the one above from Hobby Lobby for $1.50. To make yours glittery, simply spray it with 3M adhesive spray and then dump red glitter over it and allow it to dry.
Next, I folded the wire wrapped end around into itself. Mine was thick, so it won't go anywhere. If yours is thin, twist the ends together.
And lastly I tied a big red bow from it to hang on. I should have gotten a glittery bow... but you can 3M and glitter the bow, too. I wish I had made the ends longer as well.
We hung it using a Command Hook right above the entrance to our kitchen. And now we can have an extra excuse to kiss this Christmas... as if we needed one :)
I'm working on a few things for this week, which is a mistake because I already have several drafts in the queue that just need to be tweaked and published, and energy *should* be devoted toward them. Maybe. We'll see. I hope you're well. All the best, and always, thanks for reading.

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