Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY Salsa Jar to French Vase - EASY!

First of all- I'm sorry that I missed yesterday. And if we're going to be honest... I had resigned myself to missing today as well :/
Generally I get all of the week's projects done over the weekend, but John was the guest speaker at a camp all weekend (which was awesome- our first camping experience. Incredibly entertaining!) and I went with him. And then yesterday I worked a 16 hour day away from home... sooo... it just wasn't happening.
Many apologies.
I was working on a project for tomorrow, though, and made this by accident! Ha! SO I thought I'd share it really quickly since it's so easy.
You may or may not know that I use empty jam and salsa jars for about everything. They're really handy! One of the most common uses Chez Auna is for mixing paint colors in. I had just mixed up this aqua blue-ish shade in the salsa jar and finished painting tomorrow's project when I was thinking of how pretty the color looked in the glass. I remembered THIS TUTORIAL going around Pinterest from Stylist.com about painting vases and decided to just leave the paint in there!
It was so easy. After I painted it, I added a little French byline at the bottom using a craft paint pen. I use those things for all sorts of projects in our home! I recommend keeping a few at your house for painting on glass, china, porcelain, wood... just about anything. 
And then I tied a little white ribbon at the top just to kind of hide the threading and make it a little more finished. I'd like to go to the store and get a longer ribbon so that the ends cascade down the bottom. Lastly I popped in some white silk flowers I used in making a costume last year. I envision this being full of pink hydrangeas, so I can't wait to go the store and get some! Do me a favor and try to get the mental image, ok?
So there you have it! Next time you're painting a little something for home decor, just spread the paint around on the inside and allow it to try, and now you have a matching little vase! I hope your weekend and Monday were fantastic and that the rest of your week shapes up just as nicely. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!
** I just remembered that back in February one of my friends/readers asked for advice about painting a glass vase, so I think original inspiration should go to her! She chose to paint the outside instead of inside, but here is her final product. Way to go, Sam!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Skinny Crop Refashion!

Happiness is shopping in your own closet.
That's what I'm trying to do this year- instead of buying anything new (unless I get it for free!) I'm trying to shop my own closet + second hand to create new clothes from something old.
Aside from the obvious financial benefits from refashioning, it also reduces waste, is fun + will help you build sewing skills (if you're a beginner), so you should get on board!
I made these skinny white crops from a pair of Express baggy cropped pants in my closet. I didn't like the way they looked before, they were loose and made me look stumpy. I took a "before" pic, but I can't find it? It'll have to be added in later.
Really, this is a refashion that I've done before but this time I used a different fabric and actually took fabric from both sides instead of one.
If you want a quick explanation, take a look at the above picture. I put them on inside out and pinned where the excess material was (it helps to have a friend for this), too them off and used a zigzag stitch (usually I use a straight stitch, but this worked, too), trimmed the excess and wore them! HERE IS A LINK if you want more in depth directions. 
Finished! I really, really love them. I haven't worn these in years, but now they seem like a staple!
I have another pair in black that need to join these ones in a skinny refashion. So easy!
Just so you know, that flowing tee was a shirt made for this blog as well- if you want to make your own, click HERE. Full week coming your way as we move into August! I plan on doing the marriage series next week (2-3 posts at the most) and will sneak in a few easy projects as well. I don't know why I bother using the word "easy" ... everything at 'la vie' is easy, or it doesn't get done! Have a great weekend, people! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making (new) + Maintaining (old) Cut Offs

For the next few days we'll do some easy summer re-fashions. What's more summery than cut offs? I'm really not sure!
The inspiration for these came when I tried on my favorite pair and realized that, courtesy of the fray line, they were becoming booty shorts.
Not really my thing.
I wanted to save them because they were pricey and I really don't own many pairs of shorts, so I decided to show you a quick, 2 minute fix to keep your favorite old cut off shorties rolling through a few more seasons.
I also thought I'd show you my favorite way to make frayed cut offs from old jeans, too, in case you haven't been so successful in that area.
Let's start with fixing old favorites. It's so easy- all you need to do is run the bottom edge through a sewing machine. I used a tight zig zag stitch (pictures below) and ran it from one side seam all the way around. Make it as close to the fray line as possible to stop further fraying. Lastly, trim the fray down to your desired length of fringe-y-ness :) (if you want to make a pair *just* like these, I included instructions in step 4)
Now- the best way to create new cut offs? Here we go. I like to start with a pair of jeans that are either loose or one size too big. I didn't have any so I had to use some old skinnies, I may add in a panel next week (tutorial) to make them more loose. My favorite cut offs that I saved were one size too big and I just like the way it looks.
(1) Trace it. Lay your favorite pair of cut offs over the jeans. Cut along them (one leg only), adding in *at least* 3/4ths of an inch. I added in an extra 2 inches because my other ones are a tad short and I want to fold the edge over to look like my favorites, too. I also like to angle mine (which you can see) so that they're shorter on the outside of the leg and longer on the inseam, it looks more flattering on the leg line. 
(2) Copy it. Fold the cut leg over on top of the uncut leg and cut to match. I do it that way so that both sides are identically even. After this, try them on to see if they're the right length or if you'd like to angle them more.  I wish I had angled mine more.
(3) Hem it. Decide how much of a fray you want, I wanted about 1/2 inch so I hemmed 1/2 inch in all along the edges using a zig zag stitch (same used for top pair). You can let them naturally fray to that hem on their own over time and with washing OR you can attack the edges with a bristle brush/teasing comb to help them along. Another way to do it is to use a seam ripper to pull up the white cross threads and then pull them off. I helped my fray along a little bit, but I'll probably let machine washing and time do the rest. 
(4) Wear it. Old favorites on top and new favorites on bottom. I hope that the new ones break in to be as fab as the old ones-- BUT-- they're the correct size, so that may not happen. Hence the possible inclusion of an extra panel :)  It isn't pictured, but I turned the edges of the legs up so that these would be more identical to the "originals". If you want to make a pair just like my original pair, start with jeans that are one size too big/loose (goodwill?), follow the above steps and then turn the edges over 3/4 inch and iron the crease to make it stay put. If you're serious about them staying folded, you can add in a single hand stitch on the sides where the seams are, or you can run just that side seam through your machine. You can also add frayed sections on the leg by rubbing the jeans with a steel wool pad. 

If you're wondering about the look of consternation on my face- it was *extremely* windy when we were doing photographs. I generally like the wind, but not when I'm trying to take pictures and it's blowing the knot off my head! I turned my head into the wind and squinted in an attempt to stabilize the hair. I don't know. That's a lot of explanation about a facial expression...
Tomorrow's post is just as easy! I really love refashions, they're a great way to grow your sewing skills if you're just learning the art. I hope the rest of your day is lovely, all the best and as always- thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Natural + Organic Product Review, Part 2: Body + Household Products

(Part one here)
I try to watch the numbers/stats to see what you lovely, wonderful, kind + encouraging readers like to see on 'la vie' ... well, apparently natural beauty isn't one of those things! hah!
So I've decided to cut the series down to 2 days instead of three and combine body products with household products. I love hearing what you're interested in seeing on the blog, so please never stop telling me! Without further ado, let's finish out the series, people.


Sunscreen: This is actually a really important issue right now. We're finding that commercial sunscreens are so full of chemicals that they're as bad as going without long-term. I really suggest finding a natural sunscreen! Good options include BADGER's entire line which scores very highly with EWG (click that link if you want to see other great options OR how your current sunscreen ranks) as well as True Natural Cosmetics.  One to skip? Kiss My Face Sun Spray- the company is great at green washing and appears to be natural, but it has a not-so-great EWG score, and I've been using it all summer.

Moisturizing Sunscreen (Faces): the very best is Devita. I'll die on that hill. She has a great moisturizing, daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 that won't clog your pores and will keep your skin in great condition, year after year. A moisturizer to skip is Faerie Organics tinted moisturizer. Bad idea. I tried it for a short while but it broke my skin out! Also, the "tint" is so invisible that it may as well not be there (I did half my face for comparison and couldn't see a difference). Lastly, the sun protection must be small because the description is very vague about how much SPF you're getting.

Facewash: I really like THIS PRODUCT from The Soap Works. I did a POST about customizing it to your skin. It's very gentle and so pure that I can't imagine it irritating anyone. Skip Say Yes to Tomatoes. I tried a few of their washes (which aren't entirely natural) and they did very bad things to my skin. Same thing for Neutrogena's new line of "natural" facial products. Those are hilarious to me because there's a disclaimer on back saying that it was made as natural as possible and that all synthetics/chemicals remaining in the product were absolutely necessary... but one of the ingredients is fragrance? Since when is fragrance absolutely necessary to the performance of a product? Silly.

Sunless tanner: I am so pale. Let's get it out there. I've been called "Casper" more than more in my day. But I have good reason to avoid exposure to the sun (extreme amounts of dangerous moles. I currenly have *4* waiting to come off and it's so expensive!) and I don't like chemicals in regular sunless tanners. Let's talk about the spray from Lavera. Oh my word. The link I used is for a 2 pack on clearance for $15, go in on it with a friend! They expire in October, but the site says they're good for about 6 months afterwards. This stuff is awesome. It soaks in really quickly and leaves the best tan! I just reapply daily til I get the color I want and then maintain it as necessary. It looks extremely natural, too. My upper body is quite tanned at the moment (despite daily sunscreen use! I'm 1/2 Mediterranean) and when I hold my arm next to my leg (where the fake tanner is used) the colors are nearly identical. Yessss!

Moisturizer: I think the best option is to rub in either jojoba oil, coconut oil or glycerin as needed. But- if I can't talk you into a DIY then try something like The Naked Bee which has a nice hand and body lotion. I dislike the scent (it's too much for me) but it works really well.

Shaving Cream: I used a bar from Spa Therapy Works that is amazing. You can get various scents (for men as well) but I use the chocolate hazelnut. So delicious. The bar lathers nicely and lasts a long time. Plus it really isn't drying at all.

Eye Makeup Remover: A Q-tip dipped in jojoba oil will remove eye makeup from around your delicate eye area while moisturizing it at the same time. Please, please use this!

Shampoo: This was tough. I didn't like anything I tried because they were all hard to lather and left a film (except Say Yes to Tomatoes which wasn't entirely natural). I used Paul Penders, Renpure + Organix. I didn't love any of them. I think going shampoo free and using the BAKING SODA method is the way to go.

Body Wash: You could technically use the same soap I listed above for faces on your body, too, but another good option is Perfectly Posh. I like their chunk bars.

Deodorant: Let's get it out there. Natural deodorant literally sinks. Literally. I've tried two different kinds from Tom's, both to no avail, as well as several others and hated them all. I honestly think the DIY is best! If you'd prefer to buy one, my best friend has always said good things about this kitchen deodorant  from Soap Walla.


All purpose cleaner: A spray bottle with vinegar + hot water is about the best all purpose cleaner on earth. Let's just get it out there. But I've heard of people steeping orange rinds in the cleaner for a week before using to give it an extra oomph + lovely scent. I've never tried it, but there's a TUTORIAL here. 

Dish washing soap: Seventh Generation makes a great natural soap for washing dishes by hand OR adding to DIY household cleaners. 

Dish washer detergent: If you don't want to use a DIY for your dishwasher, consider Seventh Generation again. They carry a great pod-form of detergent that is safe for your dishwasher. The DIY and pod from Seventh Generation work about the same. 

Laundry soap: I *really* recommend the DIY, but you can basically get any laundry soap you want from shops like Etsy or even Farmers Markets. Whether powder or liquid, they pretty much all follow the exact same pattern. 

Floor cleaner: I have tested this recipe and it works really well! Instead of spraying it on or putting it in a swiffer jet, I used mine in a bucket with a mop. Give it a try. I've also heard that it's a great all-purpose cleaner as well
Here's a link to a few different natural DIY cleaners, too. 

Keeping a home that uses natural products is a big deal to me. I don't like the idea that we slather so many chemicals on ourselves each day in "the name of beauty". It's silly. There are plenty of ways to get the same results naturally and generally at a lower cost. As for our homes, think about it... the residue on your dishes can easily end up in your stomach, do you want to be ingesting that? Same for what we spray on our counters. That being said, one of my favorite things to say is that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. Hemlock is natural. Haha! But paying attention to what we are using does make a difference. Here's to a healthier you!
It's mid-week and I hope you've been treated well thus far! As for 'la vie', we'll finish out the week with some more super easy summer projects. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! (part one here)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Natural + Organic Review Part 1- Beauty

I have no idea where it came from, but since I was a little girl, there has been a mistrust of chemicals. Well- actually- maybe it has something to do with a traumatic experience as a toddler. My older brother saw my mom mopping in the kitchen and apparently I was leaning over the bucket. He told me to lean further and then pushed my poor little head under water! Of course, my mom heard it instantly and no harm was done, but maybe in that instant I realized that chemicals are dangerous.
Who knows.
Anyway, around high school I started making my own natural products, really easy things at first, and then branched into more and more.
After more than 10 years of experience, I've found that making your own natural products not only saves encounters with chemicals but it also saves you money!
That being said- there are still some things that you may prefer to buy instead of make, especially make up. But natural + organic products are extremely expensive and sometimes they stink, making it so that you *don't* get what you paid for (I paid $16 for THAT?!). That's where this series came from! I tested tons of natural products and want to share the results with YOU! Today we're focusing on make up, tomorrow will be body products and Thursday I'll share some home products!
Here we go!

Best: Faerie Organic's mineral foundation puts others to shame- I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. You're supposed to use a kabuki brush to buff it into the skin, but lately I've been applying it with my hands and LOVING it. It gives great coverage, doesn't irritate my skin, keeps my skin matte all day and has awesome sun protection. I've been at the pool nearly every day this summer and Faerie Organic has protected my face better than the high SPF sunscreen I've been applying to my body!
Worst: Bare Minerals- I hate this stuff. I know I'm going to get a slew of people who disagree, so I will say that some people love it. I wonder, though, if maybe some of those people would recant after trying a different mineral foundation such as Faerie Organic. As far as Bare Minerals and why I dislike it, first of all- it isn't as natural as they'd like you to believe.  Click that link to read about Bismuth Oxychloride and why it should be avoided. Secondly, I have combination skin and after 3 hours of wear, this powder turns into some sort of paste on my skin. It's nasty. I can't wear it.

Good options include...
Faerie Organic again!: they have a great array of colors with good pigmentation. Long lasting + even application.
Mum Mum's Crafts: This Etsy seller is wonderful! She has great prices, and again her blush applies evenly and has good pigmentation.
Real Purity:  This is a PRESSED (!!) blush! Which was super exciting to me. The pigmentation isn't as good as the loose, but it does look lovely on and has an evenly application.

Skip: Posh Wash Soap. I purchased her mineral blush through Etsy and found it to be a waste of money. The price is so cheap, but in this instance- you get what you pay for. I can't even see the color on my cheeks due to the low pigmentation. As pale as I am, that's a huge feat.

Earth's Beauty:  This has a nice, dark shade and an affordable price tag. It builds well, and you will need multiple coats. One coat is a little too natural for me, but by the third coat I was feeling a little more lush.
Skip: Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara... it stinks. It goes on way too lightly and it doesn't take well to multiple coats. The price tag is too much for the product.

Nail Polish:
Good: Julep + Zoya: Julep + Zoya are very similar, neither are natural, but they do cut out dangerous toxins + chemicals. I was able to find a brand that touted themselves as the *only* natural brand of nail polish, but since I couldn't get my hands on a bottle for review in time I'll have to do an update later.
Julep is more expensive than Zoya, but they do offer MAVEN BOXES which are really cool. You can sign up to be a Maven and have a box shipped to you every month (I paid one penny for my first box!) with 2 colors of polish + other fun goodies. If you want to skip a month, that's easy too! So far I've only actually gotten 2 boxes, I've skipped the rest, but both of them contained really great colors that I LOVE and am excited about using. Julep goes on so smoothly and looks incredible with a single coat. So far I'm loving Sienna, Oscar + Drew as my favorite shades.
Skip: NYC, Wet + Wild. Both of these brands offer some reduced toxin/chemical versions of nail polish, but I disliked them. Neither go on well or last very long. They didn't dry well (took forEVER) and when I tried to use them for pretty manicures, the tape ripped the color off of my nails. Boo.

Tinted Lip Balm
Best: Burts Bee's Tinted Lip Balm. Oh my word. I have a serious addiction to this balm. I own three colors: rose, hibiscus + dahlia. And I adore them all. When I first got this balm I was disappointed at the lack of color, but after several applications the color intensified. I think you just need to work through the manufacturing seal, but once you do the color is GORGEOUS. I never leave home without at least one of my tubes. The color is beautiful and it can be applied without a mirror.
Skip: Tarte Lipsurgence. This has amazing lasting power + color, but it is *extremely* drying, despite what they try to say. Also, Tarte is not as natural as they claim- not even *close*. I'll talk more about that below.

My favorite pencil liner was BENECOS. It comes in a lovely array of colors and goes on SO smoothly- no tugging at all, plus the price is good! The only downside is that if you rub your eyes, the pencil will smudge, which is great for a smokey look, but not so great if you have an itchy eye.

Eye shadow:

Best: Lavera. I tried a gorgeous chocolate brown shade that was nicely pigmented and went on smoothly. The thing I like about Lavera's eye shadow is that it comes pressed instead of powdered. It seems like powdered products are a dime per dozen with natural beauty products, but pressed are hard to find. I prefer pressed for eye shadow because it is *so* much easier to control and apply correctly. Using powdered shadows always leaves tons of fall out underneath my eyes and on top of my cheeks. Blah.

Best: Mum Mum's Crafts! While I would much prefer a pressed bronzer, I love Mum Mum's Crafts 3-in one mineral make up in beach bronze. It goes on smoothly, has great color and can be used as a bronzer, eye color OR lip color (by patting into lips after applying balm). I have reordered this and even asked the shop owner, Lucy, to start carrying it in a larger jar size!
Skip: I feel bad because of all the brands I reviewed, Posh Wash Soap was the only one I *really* disliked. But again- the bronzer was awful. I ordered the medium shade and even on my translucent skin, it doesn't make a difference. The only noticeable part is the extreme shimmer, which I wouldn't want on my face anyway. This is almost sparkly? It may work for the eyes, but not as a bronzer. Faerie Organic's bronzer is also a skip, which comes off too sparkly as well and doesn't go on smoothly. That's a major negative in bronzer + blush.

Best Websites:
Allnaturalcosmetics.com: this is my FAVORITE! They allow you to purchase samples of nearly everything they sell, which is brilliant. Organic + natural cosmetics are expensive, so it would be nice to try a few samples, decide what you like best and then place an order for the full size product. They carry a myriad of products, too, including nearly everything I posted about.

I also like lovetruenaturals.com. They carry Benecos + Lavera, two of my favorite brands, and have good deals + coupons. They also have a great clearance section where you can get products for a much reduced rate that have undergone a new packaging or are nearing their expiration date.

Worst "Natural" Brand:
Tarte: Such a bummer. I used to love Tarte, I bought a lot of their products because I simply believed they wouldn't lie about being so natural. Oh, auna... you naive, naive girl. After a recent purchase I was looking at the ingredient list when I realized I had been duped, and a quick google searched proved that the ingredients were in fact dangerous. While Tarte has made HUGE strides toward becoming a much more natural brand, they still have a ways to go. If you *must* stay with a department store brand, this is a good choice, but if you really want to chem-free your life, you'll have to move on from Tarte- despite all of the green washing they put out there. Check out these articles for more info...
Green Makeup Artist
Feel Good Style

What's your favorite natural or organic beauty product? While I tested a lot- there are SO many to choose from and we'd all benefit from YOUR opinion! Tomorrow we'll be delving into the world of shampoo, sunscreen, lotion and more! So I'll see you there. All the best and as always, thanks for reading.

**Some of these products were given to me for review. While I did not pay for the item, I was not otherwise compensated and all views + opinions are my own.**

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tee to Cropped Knotted Tank

I pinned this inspiration quite a while ago and just got around to making it this weekend. My personal blogger-stance is to NOT re-do what someone has done (if I've seen it). I'd rather show you my finished project and send you to the original tutorial instead of showing you how to do it on my page. It just seems more supportive of other bloggers, and I know that I appreciate that so much more than just a little tag at the bottom which says, "inspired by la vie en rose" (or worse, la vie enrose ...).
Anyway, I went to the site so I could grab the link to the tutorial... but... there was no tutorial! I think the shirt is an actual product being sold and not another blogger's DIY.
Clearly that means a tutorial did in fact need to be made, so here it is! I started with one of John's too-big polos, but I regret that. The tank turned out looser than I wanted, so I'll probably hem the sides in a few inches. I recommend a shirt that is just a bit loose, not insanely oversized. I can't wait to do this again because I have so many ideas for the back and even just the shape in general.
**note, I can't show you the picture for the inspiration on my page since there is no "original source link". If you'd like to see it, click the link above to the site which showed the tank and gave the inspiration.
1. Shape it. First you need to turn it into a tank. If you've seen my T TO TANK tutorial, you already have this down. If not, you'll need to cut the collar and sleeves off. For the collar, I folded the shirt on the sleeve line so that it would be even. Then I started on one side and cut all the way to the bottom of the buttons and back up. This made a nice dip in the back as well. If you want your back + front to have a different shape, refer to the t-to-tank tutorial above, it's much more in depth. Next, I tackled the sleeves. You can fold the shirt here too for a symmetrical finish, but I chose not to because of the material. Start at the bottom of the sleeve and cut along to the top. I usually follow the seam and take off about an inch.
(2) Angle it. Fold your shirt in half, longways. Starting at the side hems, cut an angle down to the middle of the shirt. You can control how cropped the shirt is, I went from mid-way down. Lastly, cut a straight line in on the FRONT of the shirt from the bottom to where the cropping begins.

(3) Back it. I gave two back options here. Well, technically three because you *can* leave it angled if you'd like. You can also fold the angle over til it is in line with where the cropping begins and cut it right off, so that your back is straight across (this is how it was in the original) OR you can just cut a curve into the bottom as seen in the second picture if you'd like more back coverage. That's what I did.
(4) Wear it! Wouldn't this be super cute over a bathing suit? That's how I wore it over the weekend. I loved it. I can't wait to wear a zillion more. Obviously it's cute with shorts, too! You can choose to layer it or leave it alone. Also, how tightly you tie the knot will determine how much coverage you have. When I tie the knot loosely, the shirt actually extends to cover my entire stomach.

I absolutely HAVE to do the Natural Product Review this week because I promised to do it in July, which is nearly over. I'll cut it down to 3 days instead of 5, though, so that we can get at least one more refashion/project in this week :) I hope your weekend was incredible. Mine was full of floating, beaches, cousins + baklava. So yes, it was lovely. All the best to you and as always, thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY Friendship Hair Strands/Bracelets + New Hair

I posted a while back about how I'm GROWING MY HAIR OUT after donating it to wigs4kids.org. I went from having mid-back length hair to a *super* short cut, which I liked but I missed being able to put my hair up.
I'll probably go back to the bob some day, but not yet! So I've been trying to grow my hair out since November 2011. Yes. Nine months- and my hair is just now touching my shoulders, and even then it has to stretch to make it. It's such a long process and my hair has gone through a lot of awkward stages during my cut-free season. In my post about growing out hair, though, I mentioned that it may be a good idea to get *one* shaping cut during the process to help with the awkwardness and that's what I did last night!
A couple of my friends recommended a wonderful stylist named Elise as the perfect person to take care of my hair issues and I'm so glad they did! Elise was wonderful and totally got my hair goals (#firstworldproblems). She didn't really take off any length and just cut in some layers/shape so that my hair can fall nicely and not be so triangular and terrifying when down.
And- she added color!
if you can't tell- my phone takes awesome pictures.... haha
It was really exciting because I've never been a hi-lighter of hair. She gave me some subtle balayage so that as my hair grows out there will be an ombre effect. For those of you who were on FACEBOOK for my DIY balayage attempt- this was a much better idea than what I did. Oh my word.
So anyway- that's my new hair for the first time in a *long time* and it turned out really well. AND- Elise is awesome. Not only is she a stylist, but she's also an incredible interior designer. We've already started planning my next visit to her home which I'll be photographing for you all to glean from. It's amazing. The minute I walked into her home my jaw dropped. Just so gorgeous and put together. Wow. And she's currently getting ready to re-do her daughter's room since a "big girl" bed arrived for her yesterday, so that will prove to be fun as well!
Elise- you are the best!
Next up- I was making friendship bracelets with 2 of my favorite girls the other day and one of them asked me to make her this accessory for her hair. I don't know what to call it- so for now I'm calling it colored strands? Any ideas/suggestions? I thought I'd share it with you because it looked so cute in her hair.
All we did was put some embroidery floss through the end of a bobbie pin, stop in the middle and tie the center of the bobbie pin in place and then knot it holding both ends in the same hand, making a loop and pulling them through. Done. Easy. We did a bunch using bobbie pins but you could also use hair clips.
Another idea would be to knot it on the end of your bobby pin and then create a friendship bracelet knot on it to wear in your hair. Cut off the extra floss when you're done.
If you've never made a friendship bracelet- here's the basic knotting pattern- I used "bunnies and trees" to explain it to the girls and it worked- so let's stick with that analogy.

1) Knot the ends with about 1 inch of extra floss at the end. I use 3 strands of 2 different colors, more strands will make it thicker and less will make it thinner. The strands should be about 18 inches. I use my knees to hold it in place, but you can use tape on a table, too.
2) Cream starts as the bunny and goes *in front* of the black tree. then her tail loops around through the circle. Pull tight.
3) Black is now the bunny and loops around *in front* of the cream tree, puts her tail through the loop and pulls tight.
Continue alternating til you run out or the bracelet is long enough and then knot the end. You can also make the same color the bunny + the same color the tree for the entire knotting process but the only color that you will see is the bunny color. Also it will create a little spiral circle running along the entire bracelet.
So there's a short little Saturday edition. I am so excited about Monday's post that I almost want to put it up now. I haven't done a refashion in SO long and this is crazy easy. If you own a pair of scissors, you can do it! So get ready. I hope your weekend is going well- all the best and as always, thanks for reading!