Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BBC Sweatshirt Refashon: Doctor Who

Ready to geek out with me?
I love Doctor Who. No shame. Who's your doctor, baby? I love the ninth, personally. I have slowly been introducing sci-fi to John, little by little, and the fact that he willingly watches Doctor Who is an incredible achievement.
Doctor Who is kind of crazy, though, and as I mentioned... the ninth is my favorite. I wanted this refashion to be a little more edgy like him.
Of the BBC refashions, this one is the most branded. Still street wearable, though, for the most whovian among you. Not into the Doctor? There are still plenty of street-friendly tips in this bad boy!
I started with this old zip up hoodie. I wish it had been a *titch* bigger. There were lots of other elements I wanted to add, but I needed a larger size to pull it off. When it comes to refashioning, you have to be willing to let the project partly shape itself. You aren't starting from scratch so there will be limitations and concessions made along the way. None of my refashions this week looked anything like the picture I had in my head!
I started by cutting the sleeves off and making this a hooded zip up vest. I could have stopped here, because it already looked so fun, but that would hardly be a serious refashion. I cut right along the seam of the sleeve, about 1 cm away, using the seam as a guide. Because sweatshirt material doesn't fray, I left it alone. The Doctor doesn't have time for hems. There are lives to be saved, people! Obviously, though, you can hem if you'd like, but remember to leave a seam allowance. 
Next I gave the back some Tardis love. I used a yard stick to measure out a straight line across the back of the sweatshirt. Next I stenciled out my design on a piece of paper using the same stencil from the FREE BATES refashion. I left the stencil holes to make it look more space-y, though. I cut the paper out around the design and centered it on the shirt, making notes of where to start and end the lettering. Next I used fabric markers ($3/walmart) to color it in. It took a few coats to get a dark enough color, you can see the first coat was sparse. Follow the marker directions for heat setting to make the markings permanent. 
I also got some studs for $1.50 from Hobby Lobby and studded the pockets, using the seam line as a guide. I used blue fabric paint to paint the ribbing on the hoodie, but after three coats it still had grey parts cracking through when I wore it. I wish I had used dye instead. 
Lastly I made this little military-ish patch with clocks from Michael's ($2). I sewed the patch from blue fabric and then attached it to the hoodie (hot glue or sew, your choice). After that, I sewed the clock charms to the patch in a straight line and then covered the tops with studs (you can see this in the final pictures).
One other thing I didn't photograph: I used another clock as the zipper pull. If you can't get your original zipper off, just use a circle fastener to attach it to the top of the zipper and glue it over the old zipper. 
And here's the final product. I love it- except for the grey parts showing through on the bottom of the hem. I'm hoping that as it is washed (gentle cycle, because of the clock patch), it will loosen up a bit and start to look intentional. Who knows. I'll update if it does.
If you aren't all Doctor Who-ish, you can always skip the Tardis on back (or use whatever you want) and make the patch full on military instead of using clockwork pieces. Whatever speaks to you. 
The next refashion is from John's favorite BBC show which isn't at all sci-fi related. 
Friday should bring our last installment of BBC refashions. I have an extra non-British related refashion to show you, with a special announcement, that will hopefully go live this weekend. Wishing you the greatest Wednesday. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 

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