Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dollar Shave Club, Yo! (Guest blogged by my super awesome hubs, John)

Alright people, my hubs- John- started talking about this club about a month ago. He kept saying over and over again that he really wanted to try it out, so I told him that he should... but that he had to write a review about it and guest blog for me! la vie tends to lean toward the female persuasion, so I thought it would be cool to do something for the boys.  THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, though if you go crazy for it and dance in the streets over the thought of a smoother cheek for your boy, I'll be happy to give away a free month to a reader. But these are just John's opinions (and commentary...) on shaving, life and tricky marketing to men. SO- without further ado, John!

Let’s face it, men: it’s cool to have a huge “manly” beard right now, I mean, it’s like we’re channeling Jim Morrison or something?  Pinterest (yes I have a Pinterest account—you can judge me) is fraught with pics of manly men with mustaches and crazy full, bushy beards.  But, if you’re like me, and you’d rather look more like Kili than Gloin (oh…I’m a huge nerd), then I’ve got something that you’re probably going to like: Dollar Shave Club.

Break on through to the other side, Jim...We have razors over here.

This is no lie, about a month ago, I was getting ready to shave-sink full of water, shaving cream applied-and reached for my razor and made one stroke…you know the pain of a dull razor on your neck.  It’s horrible.  I switched to another razor that looked exactly the same...dull.  I switched to another razor that looked the same but was black instead of blue...dull. I did this until I had four razors stacked on top of each other--none of them performing the simple task of shaving what small amount of beard I had accumulated. By this time my neck resembled a full blown minefield, the bloody craters stopped up by little scraps of white toilet paper peppered about. I ended up having to root around under the sink in our guest bathroom to find a disposable razor.  This has happened at your house, men, if you're honest enough to admit it.  We all buy the mach 12 or however many blades they're up to with that thing now, and then a month later, the blades are dull (all 12 of them) and then you go to buy refill cartridges.  You look at the price of the refill and it's more than a new you know what happens next:  you end up like me and have 4 dull razors and nothing to shave your face.  Maybe this is what happened to all those hipsters on Pinterest and they just gave up shaving altogether.  The Dollar Shave Club has solved all of our problems--well most of them.
I heard about this promotion on the radio (The Dan Patrick Show, even if my beard is more GQ and less Mountain Man, I'm still manly enough to listen to sports talk radio).  Now I hate to admit that I am a sucker for some things like this, so take this with a grain of salt.  The marketing appeals to's a company that has made it "cool" to actually shave...and not end up looking like an extra on the set of the Hobbit.  Any company that can buck the trend and make something that isn't necessarily cool at the time seem appealing is doing something right.  
The packaging is simple and well-branded and the presentation and publication that comes in the package is very well done and consistent with the website/marketing (all things that no one wants to admit play a key role in their purchase, but they simply do).  But the real bombshell here is the price.  I got the second tier option, the "Lover's blade", which amounts to $6 total a month!  It comes with a handle and 4 cartridges (refills).  They call it the "lover's blade" because there are certain people *ahem* who have spouses *ahem* that like to "share" the blade without telling their spouse...and this one is good for all other parts of the body--like *ahem* legs?  [I'm still trying to figure out the mystery of the 4 dull blade fiasco...I have no idea why all of my blades were dull.  It's almost as if they were being used by someone besides me?]  They also have a "less hairy member" option where you get razors every other month. 

I have used mine twice now and I am totally satisfied with their performance.  I can tell no noticeable difference in the quality of razor from my former mach whatever endeavors.  The only difference is the absence of the "precision blade" that some shavers have on the opposite side of the blade so you can square off certain places.  However, I can't really justify switching back to much more expensive shavers just for that one feature.  Great blades, great price and very convenient.
SO...if you're tired of dull blades, not wanting to enter a Gimli look-a-like contest and tired of buying over-priced razors, you might want to join the club...all the cool kids are doing it--well, ah...nevermind.  
Back to Auna! I wanted to add a few things. Yes, it's true. I haven't bought a razor since I married John. There's no need. His are clearly more accessible... convenient...alluring because they aren't mine... useable. Anyway, it's a good product. I can't imagine ordering every month, but every-other-month and sharing makes sense to us. There are two other levels, a basic blade for $1/month (which is why it's called the DOLLAR shave club) and an insanely complex blade for $9/month. And for every friend you refer, you get a free month. Also, John's neck was buttery smooth post shave. And that is very important. Oh, he also wants me to tell you that he thinks their marketing and basically everything associated with their brand is hilarious.
That's it! Want to try it yourself? HEAD OVER and check it out. If you sign up from that, John gets a free month. If you don't want John to get a free month, use THIS LINK. No judgement. This is just a review, though I do have a review with free product coming up soon! And also... if you're a compulsive razor stealer... please say so. I'm feeling really vulnerable over here ;) All the best and as always, thanks for reading!
*Jim Morrison photo from Wikipedia


  1. Nice! I'm going to share this with Aaron :)

    1. Poor John, before this I always crinkled my nose at the suggestion of new razors. But I still think it's a LOT of cartridges, 4 per month. My goal is to stock up and then cancel, and resubscribe when we need them again.
      Annddd... I may or may not sign up myself for one month just to get an extra handle :) I like stealing razors, but it's better if I don't have to jump out of the shower for it!

  2. Am I a nerd because I got all of John's references? So funny because I aways "borrow" razors because mine are dull and I'm too lazy to get out of the shower and change the blade and his are so handy. I do love Venus razors/blades for women - but the refills of blades are outrageously expensive. A shaving club for women? Probably wouldn't work because we will continue borrowing our boyfriends/husbands' razors. Do you think that men know the majority of women use their razors?

    1. Haha I'm a nerd too!!! Wouldn't have it any other way!!! I agree... No club for ladies, what's the point? I'm going to sign up for one month just to get my own handle and then keep stealing his blades... 4 a month is too many for one person, right? I'm totally justified!!!!


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