Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Faux-Fur Bolero Refashion- Part Two: Arm Cuffs + Detachable Collar

Ok this is where I get all Downton Abbey on you.
If you haven't seen PART ONE, click over to get caught up.
*If you don't have a faux-fur coat to refashion, there are instructions to make both pieces from scratch*
It's no secret that I have a serious coat fetish. I've written about it before and we've taken measures this year to donate a lot of those coats and bring my obsession to a more normal and responsible level. It may have to do with living in Michigan, where coat season is much longer than other parts of the country and world, but for whatever reason... I love coats. The inspiration for this refashion came from a coat that I already own. It's a brown tweed dress coat with a faux fur collar. It doesn't have cuffs, but I added those on thinking they were cute and warm. Currently, the inspiration coat is sitting in my parents' basement because my own home is already overrun with coats. They threatened to donate all remaining coats at their home recently, since I've been married for three years and haven't worn any of them since then. That's probably for the best.
So anyway, I made these refashions over the weekend. And then something fantastic happened- the Downton Abbey season 3 premiered here in the US Sunday night. And Shirley McClain was on... wearing THIS coat!
If you can't see- that's a fur collar and arm cuffs! Holla! Thanks for confirming this, Downton. Makes my heart swell.
If you want to do make these from your FAUX FUR JACKET, it's super easy! I chose not to actually cut my collar off to make a detachable collar because I a) already have multiple detachable collars AND a fur collared coat, see above and b) I *really* love the collar on my refashion from Monday. Instead, I just put the whole vest underneath my coat! You can check it out in the pictures below. If you want to cut your collar off, do so and then fold the edges under and hem. Voila! For more staying power, you can sew a matching ribbon on to the ends and tie it together in a bow, that's how my other detachable collar works. I actually have two or three... like I said, coat fetish. Some are tied with ribbons and others just hang on their own. Beautiful either way.
For the cuffs, I took the sleeves and cut them down to size. 
Next, I simply rolled the unfinished edges under, pinned them and ran it through my sewing machine with a tight zigzag stitch. I used matching thread and you can't see it through the fur in the finished product. 
To make them from scratch, measure out a piece of faux fur that's about 22 inches long and 12 inches high. Fold the "height" down an inch on top and bottom, pin and sew with a straight tight stitch. Now you have a long piece of faux fur. Wrap it around the arm sleeve of your coat with the fur facing inward. Pin the edges together, slip off and sew a tight stitch from top to bottom, remembering to backstitch at the top and bottom. Done!
These are fantastic- you can attach them to any coat you own. If you want it to be permanent, just sew them to the end of your coat arms. Another option is to sew in snaps, as long as it won't bother you to have them show when you aren't using the cuffs. I want to be able to use them on multiple coats (I have a winter white coat that was *made* for this refashion), so I used safety pins, starting on the inside of my coat sleeve, pushing them into the fur and then reconnecting inside the coat sleeve. You should be able to cover the pin with the fur.
Here are some shots of JUST the collar without any cuff action. I love how it looks with my DOWNTON HAT REFASHION and winter finally gives me an excuse to wear that stinking hat. If you love the collar, but don't have a vest to wear underneath or jacket to cut up, you can create one from scratch using THIS faux fur tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers. I actually liked wearing the vest underneath the coat since it gave another massive layer of warmth. This coat is a little bit too tight, but the white coat I keep mentioning will be perfect since it's a little big in the midsection. 
And here is the total package with both cuffs and collar. 
Enjoy and stay warm this winter! I've blogged about STAYING WARM in the winter before, life is just better when you're a comfortable temperature, right? I think so. More crafts, DIYs and refashions coming your way this week! Last weekend I busted out 7 projects for la vie, so we're well stocked for a while :) All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Shirley McClain.... Priceless!! <3 Love the fur.

  2. You look so classy with your Downton hat and fur collar.

  3. Really lovely and you really did use everything from the bolero - posted part I and II on my blog in a combined post with 2 finished photos and a link back to you. Have Season 3 premier of Downton Abby still waiting to be watched on my DVR! Of course I watch the fashion :)

    1. thank you a million times over!!! <3 <3 And WATCH THE PREMIERE! it's so good. Downton never disappoints!

  4. awesome job! Downton watching has both affected my hairstyle, and i want to bring muffs back! Your fur cuffs are a way better, more practical option, love them and your blog!

    1. Oh, me too. We should join together and bring back hats, too!! Thanks so much for reading :)


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