Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandma's Wardrobe: A Refashion

Another week begins!
Did anyone catch Downton last night? I won't say anything because spoilers are no fun. But geez that's a great show. We realized this weekend that BCC is slowly taking over our home. Sherlock. Dr. Who. Downton Abbey. It's wild.
I did a refashion of my grandpa's FLANNEL the other day and now I want to show you an insanely easy refashion from my grandma's.
I got this (extremely) adorable polka dot shirt from her. Isn't it insanely cute? I love it. The refashion was so easy.
It wasn't extremely drastic, but you may notice a massive amount of shoulder padding, which I removed quite easily with a seam ripper.
Next I wanted to make it less "bat winged" because sleeve trends change so often. I left the length and a lot of the width, I just took out some of the excess fabric and give it a little more shape.
I used the tracing method from C+C, laying down a shirt with a better silhouette and then pinning the adjustments. Remember to leave some room for seam allotment. I used a tight, straight stitch, bottom to end of the sleeve.
Here's the finished product. I didn't take many photos because it was *freezing* outside. 
This is the super cute jacket that I was alluding to in my FAUX FUR refashion. My parents gave it to me for Christmas. They understand my obsession with coats and when they saw this in the store they thought it was perfect for me and bought it. I had asked them not to get us anything for Christmas this year and told them that we're trying to get rid of my 8 zillion coats as it is! My mom said I had to try it on before I could decide whether or not I kept it. Once this bad boy was on me, there was no going back. All my principles down the drain! Anyway, the roomy midsection and detachable hood make it perfect for wearing my faux fur vest underneath. So clearly it was meant to be!
I hope your week has started off on the right foot! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


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