Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JULEP GIVEAWAY ($36 value!) + Anti-Trafficking

Just a super quick post.
I mentioned on my FB PAGE that I'd be doing a giveaway from Julep this month. Recently I got an email from the company that sweetened the deal for me.
Many of you know that my husband and I are all about ANTI-TRAFFICKING efforts. He was in a band for years that promoted efforts of an anti-trafficking organization and even traveled to Thailand/Cambodia to shoot a documentary on the issue and perform for MTVs anti-trafficking concert.
You may or may not realize that January is recognized as Human Trafficking Prevention month and in honor of that, Julep has a line of gorgeous blue shades you can purchase. 100% of the proceeds from each polish go to anti-trafficking efforts.
And I don't even like blue.
I ordered Donna and Marisa, a gorgeous peacock creme and a beautifully dark blue. I can't wait to pair them together!
Now for the giveaway- anyone who orders from Julep this month will be entered to win a FREE Hand + Cuticle Stick (value: $22) + Julep polish (value: $14) from me! Use THIS LINK (it's the only way I can really track orders) and then comment below with your e-mail address to let me know. I absolutely LOVE JULEP and have written about their toxin-free virtues many times. Want to save some cash? If you order from the anti-trafficking line, you can use the code JANBLUES at checkout to save 50% :)
So... go check them out and help save people from a lifetime of slavery! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

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