Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Talk About ... Hair Extensions

Ok, so if you've been reading for a while, you may know that I've been GROWING MY HAIR OUT for over a year. So far, I've gone 13 months with only *one* haircut/trim. It has not been much fun at all, but if you want your hair to grow out, you can't be hacking at it all the time. I used to have super long hair (see photos below) in my early 20's and then just long hair for the last few years.
Back in August I bought some hair extensions as part of a costume. My mom is a genius with children and was helping to throw a costume party for my 4 year old niece themed around The Wizard of Oz. My niece wanted me to play Dorothy and take pictures with all of her friends who came.
It was an incredible party and I should post pictures of all of the amazing things my mom made some day.
Anyway, the extensions were really cheap, but surprisingly good quality. They were originally 22 inches long and came curled. I had to mess with them quite a bit for my Dorothy hair, cutting several inches off and ripping at the curls, so they aren't in very good condition now. Still, when I was playing with them yesterday, they passed pretty stinking well... so here is a post about it!
Here's my hair... all long and curled
Dorothy, baby! Oh and yes... that's my brother's bathroom. No shame. 
I had most of yesterday to myself, so I decided to do my hair. Lame, right? I generally don't mess with it too much, because I'm a nanny and get up at the crack of dawn. I saw my old hot rollers and decided to give them a whirl, wondering if maybe my hair was finally long enough to bust them out. Big. Mistake.
Um. My hair isn't long enough.
I seriously turned into the most ridiculous Farrah-esque thing you've ever seen.
So...fluffy... soooo big.
I was laughing *so* hard while photographing my "hair" that my lips had to be screwed up tightly to avoid shaking the camera with my massive, guttural laughing. Yes. Also- not a booger in my nose, that's just another strand of hair falling in front of my nose. Just so we're all aware. 
Anyway, twelve hours later when my hair finally calmed down, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see what those Dorothy extensions looked like these days, since my hair was already curled and matched the treatment on the extensions. They looked pretty stinking good! If you've ever wanted to try them yourself, it's a great way to have a little fun, and can certainly be passable. Also, I like to use extensions to get hairstyles that couldn't be achieved with my hair at it's current (just below) shoulder length, including up-do's and side braids. I got mine from Ebay for about $9 as a cheap costume accessory, but there are plenty of brands out there that have great performance and look very real. Jessica Simpson's brand is pretty good, I've used her clip-in bangs for years. I always recommend synthetic just because I'm concerned about how human hair is attained. Sometimes the practices can be extremely unethical. Remember when purchasing extensions to consider what you want them to do. Some can be washed and restyled with your own hair. Others come pre-styled (like mine) and shouldn't be messed with. 
To clip them in (this is generally the most common sort), simply grab the hair from the crown of your head and clip/pin/pony it up. Starting in the middle and moving toward the sides, attach the hair clips to your head, right at the top of the line created across your scalp from separating the hair. If you have super thin hair, you may find that teasing it (backcombing) and spraying the section with hairspray first will help the clips stay in much better. I haven't had a problem with them slipping.
Then just take the top part of your hair down to cover the clips! Again, if your hair is very thin, tease + spray the sections so that none of the clips show through. You should generally style your hair the same way your extensions are styled, of course.
Voila! I don't think they look much different from my real hair when it was grown out. 
All boho-ish... I wanted my turban but couldn't find it :/
Side view.
And the back!
They're a little ratty, but using some small doses of coconut oil helped them out. You'll get much better results, too, with a more quality pieces vs. a costume set. 
I'm feeling inspired to buy some quality clip ins right about now! 
Hopefully 2013 is treating you well. I feel like we *just* rang in 2012, time moves so quickly. I haven't made any resolutions for the new year, they never seem to stick for me. The only thing I have going on is the HEALTH CHALLENGE to get back to "normal" after the holiday season of excess. Some goals we have unrelated to the new year do exist though, such as living a more simple lifestyle (spending less) and we'd *really* like to buy a house this year. So there's that! Praying that 2013 is a year of GREAT THINGS for you! All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 

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