Monday, February 11, 2013

J.Crew Denim Hack 1: Easy Denim Monogram

Last week J.Crew put out a little email about denim and their unending love for the material. It included some suggested DIYs which I thought were super cute and posted to the la vie FACEBOOK. I wasn't originally going to do any tutorials, but after a recent trip to Goodwill I changed my mind.
We were there over the weekend and there was an entire roller rack FULL of brand new (tags still on!!) denim/chambray shirts.
What? Seriously. Exactly like the ones from J.Crew that kept being featured.
And I also thought of how nearly every fashion site I follow on Bloglovin' has been putting out a lot of goodness about denim, especially Spring denim.
And it was decided.
Two of the shirts were coming with me and we were going to start a Denim Week for la vie.
Here's the inspiration, from J.Crew.
And here's the brand new shirt I started with! Our Goodwill often has TONS of Target clearance. It's incredible and all brand new. Win-win, I say!
I used a denim pocket to trace my letter. Unfortunately, I free handed it in the photo above and regretted that. So I used an old pair of John's jeans and tried again, this time using a stencil. Much better idea. I used sharpie to trace, which *will bleed through* your denim, so if you're bothered by the sharpie outline, then leave a little extra room so you can trim the markings off. **if I did it again, I'd make the legs of the A longer so that they extended to the bottom of the pocket**
Lay your letter on the pocket to decide where you'd like it to be. There are a few ways to attach it.
1. No sew. Use iron on fabric binding, following the directions and trimming it to the right size. This will leave your pocket functional.
2. Hand sew. Use a needle + thread, either sewing a straight stitch along the sides of your letter OR a loop stitch (pictured above) around the edges. This is hard to do without removing the pocket from the shirt, which creates more work. Depending on your letter size and placement, you can do it.
3. Machine sew. This makes your pocket totally unusable and is what I did. Run it through your machine, straight stitch, all along the sides of your letter. If you have an opening somewhere (like the hole of the a), then be sure to stitch that on as well. 
The best part of the whole project was completing an outfit. Last weekend I bought these jeans at Target. They are ballet pink with gold flecks/foil in them. I had no idea what I'd wear them with and absolutely no reason to buy them other than a) they were majorly on clearance. Basically free and b) they're ballet pink. I have a really, really hard time passing by anything that's ballet pink. But as soon as I saw the chambray shirt, which is also hard to pair with bottoms, I knew they were a match made in a very Springish part of heaven!
Lastly, you'll be seeing a lot of this stairwell during the remainder of winter. There's just way too much snow for outdoor photos some days, but I still need that natural light! Hopefully you don't get sick of it :)
Wednesday brings another denim refashion, a little more detailed than this, and a little more fun, but just as easy! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. and JCrew also has YOUR initial!!! coincidence?? I love it, Auna! xox, d.

    1. I felt the same way about the A! I think it was a bit subconsciously why I chose to do it ;)

  2. Love this, Auna! I'm glad you chose to do some of the DIY's, I really like seeing them!
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. Thanks, Lia! They're so easy that I nearly passed them up... but sometimes the easiest things are the most refreshing!! <3 <3

  3. I always loved the pocket-less and the dark shade of shirts and denim! and love the "disclaimer" about the photography!!! LOL! I hate the cold weather with every cell of my body!! xox, d.

    1. I'm glad you're with me!!! Cold weather is the worst!!!


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