Wednesday, February 13, 2013

J.Crew Denim Hack 2: Pocketless + Rose Tyler Patched Jacket

Disclaimer: If I seem overly frigid and super unhappy in these photos- it's because we hadn't yet decided to use the stairwell for winter refashions ;) John is my "photographer" and he always wants to do a good job, so usually it takes him a bit to set up the shot. My brain starts to get revolted against by my body, which really doesn't care in that moment what the stinking photo turns out like. It just wants to be warm again. And it is cursing the snow with every fiber of it's being.
Moving on.
This DIY/Refashion was just way too easy. It was as simple as removing the pockets from an old jean jacket or denim shirt (which is time consuming, but easy). I decided to double it up with another tutorial inspired by the lovely Rose Tyler of Doctor Who. She is/was the best companion. If you fight with me about this, it will only end in tears.
Let's start with the pocket!
Here's the original, from J.CREW
Here is my starting shirt, still with tags attached! I bought it at the local Goodwill, where they usually have a roller rack of items, all brand new, from Target. Makes me happy. It was a size too big, so I took it in. I've done a million tutorials about taking things in, just CLICK THIS LINK for more info.
Removing the pockets is relatively easy. Use a seam ripper and go slowly. Fight the temptation to employ scissors, you may end up with holes in your denim. The toughest parts will be where the pockets are reinforced- so at the top of each side/ beginning + ending of a the stitch. Just keep busting those seams with the seam ripper and eventually you'll get through them all. I always iron the spot after seam ripping to get rid of the little holes left from the thread. 
My shirt had flaps over the pockets. I really debated about keeping the flap on. If I did it again, I'd take BOTH pockets and leave BOTH flaps. Hindsight is 20/20. I left a picture of the flap so you can see it for yourself. Same as the pocket, just turn your shirt inside out and starting on one end, rip the seams til you get through them all.
(gif source: Blueboxgifs, see full gifset  here)
And here is Rose modeling her eagle patched jean jacket! Her eagle is obviously brown, I used  a black iron on patch (which I am LOVING) lately, since I still had some left over even after the SHERLOCK refashion. Craft stores sell the patches in brown, though! You could also paint it. 
Start by google searching a picture of an Eagle if you can't free hand (be ethical). Then trace the silhouette on to your iron on patch using a fabric pen/marker/pencil. Cut it out.  Eagles exactly like her silhouette was *all over*, but I was worried that it's a little too simplistic, so I opted for something a bit more detailed. 
Next you can accent it, like hers is. I sketched it out with my fabric pen and then used white fabric paint (two coats) over top. I considered mimicking a more jagged, feather-like edging but decided to leave the edges circular, like Rose's. 
Iron it on! Notice that in the end I gave him one small black dot for an eye and a gold beak. Those were also additions to her design. I really, really like the idea of painting iron-on patches. Think of the possibilities! I already am and you can probably expect several more tutorials featuring them. 
Here's an up close shot of the eagle applied to the shirt. My only regret with this denim shirt is that the fading at the top makes me look a little slouchy. I have good posture, courtesy of my dad and ballet- but you'd never know it! You may want to consider that if you come across something like this.
And there you have it! 
We have one last massive montage for Friday. I used to have a shirt a lot like the one above from The Gap. I ended up giving it away because I just had nothing to wear it with since denim on denim was a look I have never been able to pull off. Now that people are wearing leggings + colored jeans/pants it's so much easier to wear denim shirts and jackets. I hope your week has treated you well so far and only gets better! All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. So easy, I love it! And iron-ons are the best :) Great job, Auna!
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. Thanks, Lia! I'm considering keeping a stock pile of the patches on hand at all times, haha!

  2. Love the iron-on patches - so easy to but I truly never thought of doing them in cut out shapes until I saw your tutorials. Also, I cannot believe what your Goodwill has (new shirts?) - mine has almost nothing and is picked over by students! Posted two finished photos of your shirt and a link back to you on my blog.

    1. Our Goodwill is *awesome*, I've gotten so many brand new Target items there! It's insane. Painting the iron-ons is a whole new world of joy. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did!!! Thanks for the love, as usual... you are the best!


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