Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CHERRY RED! 3 ways to wear Spring's biggest color! Plus Cut Out and Keep feature

I recently had the honor of being featured by Cut Out and Keep, which is an awesome online community where over 120,000 members share their DIYs with each other. As part of the process, I had to give an interview and submit three pictures of myself in a favorite outfit.
Um, no.
I don't do favorites. Are you like that, too? It's possibly there are few people less decisive on planet earth. And ps, while I enjoy clothing and putting together outfits--- I'm not a fashion blogger. Basically, in the end I submitted three outfits created using a HUGE color for Spring and two repeat items. Fashion for fashion's sake isn't something we do much here, so I thought it would be a nice change to share the experience and outfitting :)
The color was obviously cherry/tomato red which has been featured on numerous fashion sites as one of the biggest colors of the season. The two repeat items were a black faux leather jacket and pair of black wedges.
  • Tomato Ankle Skinnies - American Rag for Macy's
  • Mustard Empire Top - Forever 21
  • Jacket - Max Studio
  • Heels - American Rag for Macy's
  • Necklace - Aldo
  • Tomato Tank - Mossimo for Target
  • Striped Skirt - Charlotte Russe
  • Jacket - Max Studio
  • Heels - American Rag
  • Necklace - Custom made on Etsy
  • Slouchy hat - Mossimo for Target
  • Tomato tank - Mossimo for Target
  • Jeans - Seven For All Mankind
  • Heels - American Rag for Macy's
  • Jacket - Max Studio
  • Bow Necklace - Juicy Couture
I have only recently become a bigger fan of red. I read somewhere that it's an anxiety-causing color, so maybe that's why. Either way, it's a fantastic color to wear and there are various shades to suit most colorings. 
If red isn't your color, perhaps it's best to wear it as a nail polish, accessory or pants instead of putting it by your face (or on your face: lipstick and eye shadow!). 
And don't be afraid to mix color! This shade of red is fab with smokey grays, bright blues and mustard yellows. 
What do you think? Are you into red, and if so- what's your favorite way to wear it for Spring? If you want to read the interview on Cut Out and Keep or are simply interested in the website, click HERE
All the best- and as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. love your 'night' outfit~ I will have to break out my cherry reds! Thanks for the ideas :)


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