Monday, April 29, 2013

70's Inspired Easy Jean Refashion

I was reading an issue of InStyle recently that highlighted the return of 70's inspired jeans. They showed some patterns, some bell bottoms and a few high rise jeans. I thought it would be fun to add a little 70's to an old pair of J.Crew pants I have. While they aren't high rise or bell bottomed, they are flared- which I rarely choose over skinnies. So it's a start. I chose a paisley pattern, which was popular in the late 60's and bled into the 70's.
I did rock some serious bell's in the 90's, though.
I wanted to post a fun farmer's market/reusable shopping bag that I made over the weekend, but I'm wearing these jeans in the picture, so I figured these had to be posted first.
But seriously- you'll want to see the produce bag post, it comes with good info about organic vs. conventionally grown food (read: when to skip and when to splurge!).
This is a super quick project, it took about 10 minutes.
Here they are as is- I've owned these white jeans from J.Crew for about 4 years and haven't ever worn them. Not even once :/
I used some fabric paint to mix up a shade of light purple. Always use fabric paint when stamping- you will get the best results. Acrylic washes out, and it washes out unevenly. You can use the fabric stamp pads, but they have really light, uneven coverage. 
I brushed the shade on to a fabric stamp from Hobby Lobby ($1.99) using a sponge brush and reapplied paint after each application.
On the bottoms, I did 3 paisley stamps, alternating tail up and tail down. On top of them, I did two paisleys with the tails facing in. I repeated this pattern on the back side. 
I also put a paisley up by each pocket. Originally I was going to do the entire pant, but changed my mind. I may still go back and do them, but it seems like it might be overwhelming. If I had done an off-white shade, it would be cool the stamp the entire pant. 
Here they are!
I'm not sold on the stamped pockets, but it's too late now!
I've done a lot of fabric stamping lately; it's a fun, quick and cheap way to change up a look. I hope your weekend was fab, we had a great time celebrating with my oldest charge as she took her first communion, which I hear is a big deal in the Catholic world. Don't forget to check back soon for that shopping bag and also for a recipe for some super delicious cookies. I'm still trying to name them!
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Love love love the jeans!!! As a teenager growing up in the late '60's early 70's I definitely wore those style of jeans with peace signs on them....LOL! Maybe I'll make some for my grand-daughter!!! (only 4 but hey it's cute and young!)

    1. That is SO fantastic!! I hope you do make her a pair- and one for yourself, too!

  2. The thing with DIY's is you never 100% sure you should have done this or that. I think they look lovely.


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