Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Spa Wrap/Towel

Here's another one of those "been sitting around forever" tutorials that is finally being posted!
I received a spa towel probably 10 or 15 years ago as a present and really liked it. I was bummed when the velcro wore out and it was no longer usable  but thankfully- these are so easy to make that buying them is not necessary!
Spa towels are great for getting ready because they're hands free. I also like them for the beach. This would be a great way to use up old towels that don't necessarily match your decor- or an excuse to buy a nice one on clearance! The pictured towel is actually an old beach towel, but I've got my eye on a really cute towel from the new Threshold line at target. It doesn't match our house, so it's a fantastic candidate for this project- and once it's on clearance it will be even better suited!
If you're having a spa party at your house for ladies (especially the parties when people come to buy things), these would be fun to have and giveaway. Or you could put them in a basket with lots of ALL NATURAL products and give them away for Christmas and birthdays :)
They're super easy for any beginner and take about 15 minutes to make. You'll just need a towel, sewing machine, elastic + velcro.
Start by folding over the top edge of your towel and pinning it down. My elastic was 1/2 inch, so I folded over 3/4 inch. If you're giving these away and want them to be professional, first fold your towel down about 1/4 inch and sew, then fold it down again 3/4 inch and sew- this creates a tube/casing for the elastic that looks more finished.
Tight, straight stitch all the way across the towel. 
Next you'll thread the tube with elastic. Measure your length tightly across your chest and add a few extra inches for cross over and use that number for the length of your elastic. 
 I always put a safety pin on one end of my elastic, which makes it much easier to push through. There might be a better way, but this is what my mom has always done- so I do it too! I also pin the *opposite* end of the elastic to the actual towel so that you don't accidentally pull the other end of the elastic into the tube and lose it. 
After you have pushed your elastic all the way through the tube, pin the safety pin to the edge, so now you have one end of the elastic pinned to each side. Spread the towel out evenly across the elastic so it isn't too bunched in one section and totally loose in another. When you're satisfied, sew the elastic in place using a tight stitch on each side of the wrap. 
Lastly, apply your velcro! I like to use the sticky backed kind and then sew it in place when I'm satisfied with the placement. Start by putting one side of the velcro (I used about 7 inches of length) on the inside of the top edge of your towel. Then wrap the towel around you and mark with pins where the other side of the velcro should be. Apply the other side of velcro and then reinforce it with a stitch of the sewing machine. 
Horrible picture, yes, but you get the idea. Hands free- the towel stays in place and I'm free to move about as I'd like while getting ready, applying facials, dyeing my hair (which actually- the lovely Elise colors my hair, so this is no longer an issue) and hanging out at the beach! If you want to get super creative, you could add a flower to it or some ribbon. Another idea is to add a button or snap at the end of the velcro if you're extremely serious about that bad boy staying in place!
Hopefully your week has been treating you well. Check back Friday for a refashion- it has been too long! All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I love this! Last year I started making one of these for my 3 year old daughter for the pool, I never finished it bc I broke my needle on the terry cloth. Thank you for putting this up, I have better needles now so I am going to make it again, and now I don't have to guess out how to do it lol.

    1. Oh my word, broken needles are the worst! It's hard to get the momentum back if you haven't got another on hand. Have fun at the pool- bring on the warm weather!

  2. There are so many really pretty towels out there - actually beautiful prints, graphics, etc... This is a really easy and good idea. Posted the last finished photo and a link back to my Tumblr blog truebluemeandyou. I'll also put it on my Holiday Gift blog because this would go perfectly (as you mentioned) with the DIY spa projects I've posted.

    1. There really are! And I don't prefer to use them as actual towels because they get so trashed. Thank you! DIY spa- bringing serenity into homes!


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