Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY VS Cover Up/ Lounge Tank

I did it again.
Over the weekend I ran into Victoria's Secret to visit some of my favorite girls on the planet. I had a massive amount of rewards/birthday/free stuff cards to spend and really wanted to see how my friends there were doing.
While I was wandering about, I locked on to a Supermodel Essentials cover up tank that was *so cute* and *so expensive*. It was also so easy to make.
Shocker, right?
It priced in at $48, which seemed insanely expensive to me. I looked online for a link, but it isn't being sold there. Only in stores, I'm guessing.
Anyway, I used all of my cards on it because I knew it would be a fab DIY and I wanted to take it home to use as a pattern.
The DIY is so easy. Today, we're going to start with a refashion of a tank top, I think that's the easiest route. But I'll most likely do a DIY in the future from scratch, too. But maybe not, because this seems like a cheaper alternative.
Here's where we started, the VS version is on the right and I have a tank top from an old tutorial about SHORTENING STRAPS on the left (believe it or not, that tank used to be *even more* low cut. This is why it is being retired to cover up status). You can start with any loose fitting tank you have. The longer, the better.  If it is long enough, you may not need to add any length at all which would make this the easiest DIY in history.
If your tank isn't long enough to hit mid-thigh, you'll also need an old, baggy tee. Put your tank on and measure how many extra inches it needs. Then add 3 more inches to that number (for seam allowance and tie casing) and cut it off the bottom of your t-shirt.
Now you're going to attach the two shirts together. 
Turn them inside out and pin them together all the way around. Don't pin it flat to the shirt, pinch them up so that the seam is on the inside of the cover up when you're wearing it. See the photo below. 
Hopefully that helps. If you have any doubts, once the cover up is pinned be sure to flip it right side out and make sure it looks correct. 
I ran mine through my sewing machine with a tighter zig zag stitch. You have two options at this point- either iron the seam and leave as is, OR you can iron the seam down and then run it through the sewing machine again with a straight stitch so that the seam permanently lays flat against the cover up. This will give you a cleaner finished look. 
Here it is so far, post ironing. 
Next we'll create the casing for your tie. Turn the cover up inside out again and pin the bottom up 1 inch. Sew along the top, leaving the bottom open to hold your cord/ribbon/whatever and flip right side out.
Lastly, cut two little slits toward the side on the *front* of your cover up.
Attach a safety pin to your cord/rope/ribbon/whatever you're using to tie the cover up with. I got this from Michael's, it's a Martha Stewart brand yarn-based creation that I thought looked fun and summery. Push your safety pin through one of the slits and then all the way around and out of the other slit. 
Remove your safety pin and knot the ends of your cord. 
It isn't pictured, but you may noticed that I also removed the buttons and replaced them with a grey tube over the straps. I thought it would tie in the grey better and also it seemed more appropriate with the cover up than the buttons did. 
It was *cold* and very *bright*, which resulted in really uncomfortable "get me out of here" photos. John was all, "raise your head higher.. no... HIIGGGHERRRRR...turn your chin. More. Still more... to the left. Now try to smile while looking into the blinding sun. Good." 
All in a failed attempt to avoid shadows.
Anyway- here it is as a cover up, with the bottom un-cinched. 
Cover up with the bottom cinched. 
And with leggings as lounge wear, cinched.
Lastly, with leggings and un-cinched!
This is actually way cuter in person. Just trust me and make it :) It won't take much time and it's sooo easy!
I also took a picture of a super cute girl in an adorable sweater that I want to make, too. So hopefully that will be up soon.
Tonight we're going to our orientation meeting to really get started with the adoption process. I'm very excited! If you don't know, I added a bunch of products to the ADOPT shop on Etsy (you can also always click 'shop' at the top of the page). My favorite is the tote bag in gray + pink below.
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. This is incredible; I like your version better! Wonderful (and easy!) job, Auna!
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. Thanks, Lia! It really is super easy, anyone can do it!

  2. Very Cute! Wish it would look half as good on me as it does on you.

    1. I'm sure it will be just as flattering! Give it a go and you'll see :)

  3. Soooo cute! Yours is by far a better look. Can't wait to try it!

  4. Soooo cute! Yours is by far a better look. Can't wait to try it!


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