Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heat-free Curls + Cute, Easy Downton Hair + DIY Hair Bands

Here's another post that should have been done *a long* time ago, originally I was going to post it as part of the DOWNTON ABBEY series because I think it looks like something from that time period. Oops, haha! Last year I read about an awesome way to get hair curled without heat, from beachy waves to mega spirals. It was posted by The Paper Mama and the link to the how-to video is HERE. She did a fab job, and I don't believe in repeating bloggers, so head there to check it out. The process consists of wearing your hair like this using an elastic band and sleeping on it. It only takes about 2 minutes at the most and I really like the results, but honestly I can't sleep with my hair like that (read below for how I *do* sleep!). Most people can, and if that's you- fantastic! 
I decided to start trying it during the day, wearing it as a hairstyle (because I think it's super cute!) and then taking it out later for the curls and it worked really well. I didn't want to use the elastic bands she uses because they're athletic (which is great for night) and didn't look pretty, so I started using $1 black headband elastics from the dollar store that were decorated to look intentional. 
This Elastic Hair Band  is my favorite. I used ribbon + lace to create this rosette with leaves. I attached them with hot glue and then glued them to the band. You can click the link in the previous sentence for more instructions, or click HERE for a tutorial on making rosettes. I wanted to take the photos in this band, but I couldn't find it!
This Lace Head Piece is similar, made with felt and lace. You can get the instructions using that link as well. The easiest thing to do is use barrettes and pretty clips attached to the elastic band. In all of the pictures below, I used a plain black elastic and clipped barrettes on to it. I also like to wear my elastic a little closer to the top of my head than shown in the video, but you can wear it across your forehead for a boho look. 
In the top collage, I only wrapped the sections closest to my face to create a little half up do. It would be especially pretty at the end of the day after the curls have set. The bottom photos are done traditionally. Also, it helps to tease your hair before and then once you put the hair band on, to gently pull up with a teasing comb to get some volume at the top. If you want to do that, just spray the hair that is being wrapped around the band with water so that it is damp and will curl. You could also put in a mousse or lightweight gel/styling product. Or leave it dry and wear this as a hairstyle without the curling benefits!
Some other things about hair and this style: I don't wash my hair every day... I usually only wash it twice per week. I used to have extremely oily hair, but my scalp adjusted and now I don't really even need dry shampoo between washings. I've tried the baking soda + vinegar method but I still go back to just using organic shampoo. That's why it doesn't matter to me if I do this during the day with wet hair- I can still enjoy the curls for the next two days before washing my hair again. If you wash your hair every day, try washing less. It's good for you hair and I promise- you cannot have hair that is finer or more oily than mine was! And it is totally stabilized now.
Another recent experiment? I stopped using conditioner. By accident a few weeks ago, I skipped conditioning for the first time ever. I was using our guest bathroom and didn't have any conditioner in there. I noticed that my hair had way, way more volume and thought it was a fluke. So I did it again... same results. Then I went back to conditioner and my hair was limp all over again. It was really surprising to me because I only apply conditioner to the length of my hair, not anywhere near my scalp. All I can assume is that it's weighing my hair down. Now I'm trying to use a masque on my hair every once in a while, and my HAIR OIL recipe instead of conditioner to get the volume while still protecting my hair. Maybe that's something to try as well!
Lastly- if you want beachy waves but don't want to mess with all of the above, just braid your damp hair at night into two braids and sleep on it. I sleep in braids every night to keep hair out of my face. Ponytails, buns, those all drive me insane when I'm trying to sleep, but the side braids are easy to sleep on.
SO much about hair! Any tips you want to share? All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 

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