Monday, April 15, 2013

Sherlock Inspired Tee Refashion (or anything you'd like!)

Welcome back to Monday!
I'm really glad the weather ended up postponing the rest of last week's projects, because we were out of town all weekend and as I write this (I generally write blogs out the night before posting), I'm not feeling super well and creativity isn't happening.
So it all worked out!
Here's a fun refashion that you can do to any tee shirt, and it doesn't have to be Sherlock related. I just happen to love Sherlock :)
There are several elements involved, cutting, taking in the shirt (optional), natural dyeing, hand stamping, stencil creation and more so you can use these processes together or separately to create your own masterpiece!
I started with an old stained tee shirt of John's. Then I naturally dyed it using this DYE METHOD
Next I started reshaping the shirt. I started by cutting off the collar, right along the edge to open up the neck. The fabric won't fray on regular jersey tee's, but you can hem if you'd like or even just add a little stitch along the raw edges.
Next I rounded out the bottom. I based the fit of this shirt off of my favorite DW shirt, which is so flowy and cute and happy. All you need to do is fold the shirt in half hot-dog style and cut starting higher up on the outside edges and rounding the middle. 
The last step of the reshape was adding a little structure. I took in the sleeves about an inch and then rounded it around the underarm and tapered it out on the sides. I also made the sleeves about 2 inches shorter. Again, you can hem the sleeves if you'd like or leave them raw. 
Next came the decor! I used the same stencil method I always use, tracing on to contact paper and then cutting it out with a straight edge. I just printed out the Sherlock theme of he and John walking to create a silhouette. 
Next, peel your contact paper and stick it on to your shirt. Then use 1-2 coats of fabric paint applied with a sponge. Allow to dry and peel off the contact paper.
Finally, I stamped in some words with alphabet stamps and fabric paint applied with a sponge brush. Tape off straight lines to keep it even. On the front side I stamped "SH", which is what he always signs his texts with. For a more spotty look like you'll see on the posters and promotions, just dab the paint on with the sponge brush sporadically vs. smothering the entire stamp.
 I considered a few Sherlock ideas...
1. A giant crown with, "Honey, you should see me in a crown"
2. Sherlock's face with "This is my mind palace" or "This is my hard drive"
3. Just words,"Just because I am on the side of the Angels, don't think for one second that I am one of them"
I felt that the silhouette of them together was best paired with this quote from John Watson at end of the second series. I won't say anymore so as not to have spoilers :)
And here's the finished project! It's a nice, laid back little summer shirt, and it was free :) 
April 15th is not everyone's favorite day, so hopefully it finds you ready and prepared. All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Love this. Also I also like using contact paper so much better than using freezer paper. I'm a big fan of BBC Sherlock series so I also liked seeing the other quotes you considered using :) Posted on my my Tumblr truebluemeandyou blog.

    1. It was hard to choose one!! I'm glad you tomorrow :) thanks for the love ad recognition!!!

  2. This is so awesome. :D I love it. I just recently saw "The Reichenbach Fall" for the first time. :(
    I will have to try something like this, maybe it will help me with my grief. :P :)


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