Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Tips, Part One

SO every now and then there are a little tips I'd like to share. They're too small to be entire blogs, so I decided we'll start batching them up and releasing them in stages. Let's go!
These are my favorite boots. I love them and wear them *all the time*, but because of the way I walk, they're falling apart. The heel scratches all over them, ripping off the 'material' and exposing the fabric underneath. Sad. So as a temporary fix (I have another in the works) you can do this to make the rips less noticeable. 
Simply mix up the correct shade using fabric paint and apply it to the exposed fabric. Allow it to dry and then either apply a second coat, or wash the extra of from around the edges. 
I always struggle with identifying which ear bud is for which ear, so recently I painted the right side with one coat of pink nail polish. Done! Now I always know immediately which bud to grab. I use nail polish to decorate with or to ID all the time- much more often than it goes on my nails! Several years ago I worked in an office that required two keys to get into, and they would be used 10-20 times per day! So I painted one of the keys to distinguish it. It was super annoying to stand at the door and guess which key to use. 
Have you ever wanted to buy something from a shop, but noticed the item had an issue? Tear, stain, etc? Give it a good look before passing it up! The above is a sweater that I absolutely loved and had been stalking at Macy's for weeks, waiting for a good sale. It's a good Spring sweater since the sleeves are shorter and it has a nice row of buttons down the back. The fit is really slouchy and cute, too. Imagine my distress when the beloved sale day came (marked down to $12 dollars!) and the only one left in my size had a major black stain thing going on. You can see it in the above picture, all in the white stripe.
I chose to buy the sweater anyway, and was given a 10% discount! If the same thing happens to you consider...
a) Can I fix it myself? It may be as simple as some stain remover or a little stitch. 
b) Can I pay someone to do it *very* cheaply, or a friend for free?
c) Where is it located?
A lot of tears, rips, stains can be easily solved with a google search. And if you can't fix it, you can patch it! Luckily, the stain came out in the wash, but if it hadn't, there was already an applique at home that was *perfect* for this! You can get appliques at pretty much any craft store and iron them right over the unsightly tear, stain, etc. 
Let's talk about the BEST way to wash your brushes! I used to always wash my brushes with baby shampoo, but didn't think it was the best idea. It was always too soapy and then took forever to rinse. Plus the baby shampoo was expensive at the rate I went through it (I wash my brushes after every single use). I saw an idea HERE from The Daily Quirk about using vinegar and dish washing soap that was supposed to be amazing. I subbed out the dawn for Seventh Generation Natural detergent (and would recommend using a natural/organic brand) and give it a whirl. I put about 1/2 tsp. of soap in a plastic storage bowl and then put my brushes in (about 5-7 at a time), next I filled the bowl with vinegar til the bristles were nearly covered and swirled them each around a little bit to activate the bubbles. Lastly, I let the brushes sit for for a few hours in the mixture and then take them out. The original author didn't rinse hers, but I always rinse mine. The water in the bowl is disgusting and the bristles always rinse CLEAR when I put them under running water! It's amazing. Next, I shake off the excess water and lay them flat to dry. I hear that you should lay your bristles down so that the water doesn't run into the handle and loosen the adhesive, but I don't like what that does to the shape of the brush. 
This is lovely, bright patterned skirt is actually dress. It may not seem like it would be too short, but let me tell you... it *barely* covers my booty. I mean, barely. Like... I-can't-sneeze-without-a-wardrobe-malfunction barely. I have a couple of dresses like this that either were always too short or met their fate in an accidental drying. This one started out way too short. I remember being SO excited to get it. My really cute friend, Amber, who owns a jewelry shop on ETSY happened to be wearing this dress in a picture she sent me of my pearl necklace for our wedding. She made my jewelry- that's how I met her :) And she was a saint. I was super difficult and asked her to redo it a few times til it looked exactly like the non-existent necklace in my head. You should check her out. 
Anyway- Amber was SOOO darling in it! And I immediately wanted one, too. But... Amber is like 5'1'' (right?) and let me tell you... the appropriate length on her didn't translate to me at all.
The easiest fix? Tuck the straps in and wear it as a high-waisted skirt with a coordinating tank. A lot of people end up still thinking it's a dress. I do this all the time with my too short dresses. Ruched tops like this don't require any stabilizing, but you may need to add a belt for some. 
Another option is to wear it as more of a tunic with leggings or shorts. But I like the skirt best :)
And that concludes our very first "Random Tips" post! I hope you're all geared up for the weekend and Mother's Day! I for one can't wait to get my mani-pedi with my SO awesome mom + nieces over the weekend. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. very good tips!
    Some dresses are soo short! This is a clever easy fix!
    I think that vinegar and dish washing soap is a good combo to clean the floor but I haven't used yet to clean brushes, I have to try it!

    1. Thank you!! I use that for our floors too, haha!


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