Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Beach Maxi Cover Up- My Most Elegant Cover Up Yet!!

Lately I've been desperate for a maxi dress.
I've looked in every shop for one that suits me, stalked e-bay and my favorite online shops and even looked at refashioning thrift store items, but nothing struck my fancy.
The problem is that I *want* one, but can never seem to bring myself to wear them in public. There never seems to be the right occasion for my personality. In fact, I've written two posts (here and here) about deconstructing maxi's that I already owned and never wore.
First world problems.
Anyway, recently we had to go to Walmart to get some chicken there that I like. It's a brand we go for when we can't get organic. I perused the fabric section really quickly to get some supplies for a different DIY (which I also still haven't posted...) and saw this awesome striped jersey on clearance for ONE DOLLAR PER YARD! One dollar, guys!
I bought the entire ream.
I only wear maxi dresses at the beach and they're hard to get in and out of, so I merged the maxi idea with my favorite VS COVER UP and came out with this. It has a few differences from the original, first of all being length. I included the pattern below (not to be used on any website, including Pinterest) to help you create it, but if you need more steps, visit the original post HERE.

***REMEMBER: The above pattern is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and cannot be used on any other website, INCLUDING PINTEREST***
The main difference aside from length is the thick strap. I nixed the braided original for these really nice, thick straps. They're easily created by folding a 5 inch piece of fabric in half (right/patterned/pretty side out) and pinning, then running through your sewing machine. Flip them inside out and sew them on in the same places as the braided straps.
I also took an extra piece of raw jersey and used it as a belt. I love how that worked out. You can add loops if you'd like, but for simplicity, mine is merely tied on. It's the beach, people!
Here's the finished product! These were taken very quickly from our balcony on vacation last week. I was extremely ill and not in the mood to be anywhere but bed, so we need to take new ones, but it has been SO long since my last post that it just needed to be done.
I do want to shorten the straps a little, they were a bit long. Other than that, I love it!
So many cover up versions, but with so many personalities out there it's good to have one for each lady!
All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Beautiful! I love the vertical stripes and mint green color! And great addition of the belt. It looks really nice in the back and also creates a waist for those of us with too much junk in the trunk. :)

    1. Leah, I'm dying laughing over here! I'm 50% Mediterranean so my trunk comes fully loaded ;) ;) Thank you so much!

  2. OK....I love maxi dresses but cant ever find the exact one i like enough to wear/buy, but THIS is sooo flippin cute! problem is iv'e been staring at this picture for at least 30 mins and i can not figure it out :(
    If you think you could explain it umm for lack of better words "dumbed-down" ? thanks :)

    1. I totally understand you!!! Have you looked at the tutorial for the original beach wrap? It's basically the same but longer. Try those pics and see if it helps! If not, email me at :)

  3. Love it! How much more fabric did you need to make the maxi version?


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