Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easy Ballerina (workout/beach cover up/summer) Cropped Tee AND GIVEAWAY!

This is just a super quick post that anyone can do, completely no-sew, fun and perfect for summer.
A lot of things come down to ballet for me. I'm a total sucker for anything ballet pink or even remotely related to dance. And so, very often, when refashioning or creating an item, my brain immediately wants to make something that I can use for practice or class.
This is exactly one of those items! I adore loose, slouchy cropped tee's for ballet class, but they're also great for working out, a cute beach cover up (especially over a polka dot suit) or with a pair of the high waisted denim shorts that are destined to be super popular this summer.
Normally, something this easy wouldn't merit a blog post, but about a million years ago I commissioned a bunch of 'la vie' shirts in two different styles. The one pictured and then another which says, "je vois la vie en rose". I literally had no idea what to do with them. I thought it would be fun to refashion some and give them away! If you want to win your own, comment below with your e-mail address and shirt size. You can also opt to have them 'as is' with no refashioning :)
To make your own, grab a baggy tee and a pair of scissors.
Measure out how much you want to cut off and chop! Remember that the shirt edges WILL roll up if left unhemmed and take that into account.
Lastly, cut the collar off right underneath the seam to create a slouchy neck that will still stay up on your shoulders. The cut of this shirt is considered to be "feminine" so the arms are already treated. Otherwise, I would normally cut the sleeves to make them a little more angular as well. I'll update this post soon with a pic of a different shirt as an example.
Here's the finished product! Want your own? Comment below!
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  1., and a large! :) (I love your blog!)

  2. So cute! Although I really like it as is. I think it would make an adorable DIY tank or possibly even a cover up! I'm thinking Medium?
    Recently found your blog when searching DIY Cover ups and am hooked!lol

    1. Awesome! I have a great, super elegant cover up on the way. I agree that it would be cuter another way, too! <3

  3. I looove this!! I would LOVE a medium if you still have some :))

    1. I won't start shelling them out for at least a week, so you're on time!!


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