Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving Forward- Connecting for Info/giveaways/help and more!

Hi! I know I've been super MIA lately. Here's the deal. Some of you may or may not know that I accidentally became a nanny to four awesome little people. The smallest of which has a disability and is often hospitalized. In his short ten months of life, he has spent 6 months in the hospital, maybe more. He had another surgery and has been hospitalized for over a month, came home briefly and is now back in the hospital. He is the most precious little guy. When he's gone, I help out more in the evenings with the other three who are all in school, though still quite small. In addition, the ADOPT SHOP is doing really well! Which is a good problem to have, but it does take hours and days to complete the shirts and totes to send out. So, there just hasn't been much time or mental space.
I recently became inspired again though and filled a notebook with ideas for refashions, clean eating recipes, DIYs and more and hopefully will have some time soon (we travel a lot, also!) to make them! I promise. In fact, next week you can expect two DIY/Refashions and an awesome all natural recipe for something delicious.
We've been talking about how google friend connect is shutting down for months, and now it's a good time to talk about the best ways to connect with la vie in general and what each way gives you access to!
Instagram: username is aunak
I generally post a picture of each project up for the day. With the addition of instavids, you can expect to see short videos too which will help better explain posts (how to wear those popular beach wraps, etc!).
Twitter: Everything I post from all avenues will come to twitter!
Blog lovin': Whatever is posted to the main blog
facebook: Whatever is posted to the main blog + pictures/quick explanations of things which are too short for a blog post. If you're a facebook follower, then you really need to click "get updates", otherwise you'll rarely see my posts in your newsfeed. Generally facebook shows my posts to 10% or less of facebook fans. Blah.
Tumbler: If we're being honest? I generally just reblog my features from TRUE BLUE ME & YOU, who is the BEST curator out there. Even though she has tried to teach me so much about Tumblr, I'm still not very proficient. I'll get there though.
e-mail: Whatever is posted to the main blog.
Pinterest: This is a link to the la vie board, I post nearly everything done on the main blog but generally no updates, funny stories or anything small.
So there are lots of ways to connect and they'll give you different things from la vie. As far as giveaways go, they're generally posted to the main blog, but I'm considering starting special giveaways for twitter and instagram followers. I don't say it enough, but you are the BEST readers in the world and I so appreciate you. I know many of you by name and look forward to your constant encouragement and community on facebook and through e-mail. I'd give some shout outs, but would feel bad if I missed a few! Sometimes blogging is hard, but you make it worth the effort. Also, feel free to connect with me any time if you have questions about a la vie project or something you're doing on your own. I LOVE getting e-mails from readers asking for advice or even just sharing photos of a project they have done and are proud of. I'm always in awe of your talent.
All the best, and a HUGE thank you for reading!
(also, my 'r' button broke during this post, which clearly resulted in me whapping/clicking/hitting the 'r' key a million times in rage. And now random r's are popping up all over the post. Awesome. I'm waging war against them currently, so many apologies if you find one, it isn't slang or internet lingo. That I know of ;))

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