Monday, July 29, 2013

Chocolate Espresso Bombs- A few ways!

I grew up making chocolates with my mom. She's a fiend and has ZILLIONS of chocolate molds. really, it borders on obsession. She finds them really useful for decorating and as gifts- but mostly loves them for the sake of tradition. Every year as a child I could count on two chocolates- a set of crayon shaped chocolates for my first day of school and a little chocolate bunny in my Easter basket. I haven't mastered the chocolate mold in the way she has, but I do love a good chocolate covered espresso bean. This is a twist on those (very expensive) beans you can buy in the store, made all naturally and with less sugar. Also, I did some bean-free for another fun use!
 You won't need much in the way of supplies. The most important part is to get a small mould. I got this at Meijer or a dollar or two, but there are some available on AMAZON as well. This one is silicone, which I prefer over plastic. The hexagons are very small, about 3/4 inch each. Mini ice cube trays work as well.  You'll also need some baker's chocolate. I went with totally unsweetened and added in my own sugar, but you can choose semi-sweet or milk chocolate even. Just be sure to get all natural. Lastly, you'll need organic sugar if you're sweetening your own and also coffee beans! I used organic espresso beans from the bulk section at my favorite grocery store.
 First, you'll need to melt your chocolate in the double boiler. If you've never melted chocolate before, remember that it burns VERY quickly, so keep the setting on low heat and stir, stir, stir. I used about 3 blocks of bakers chocolate, you can use more or less depending on how many bombs you want to make.
 Next, add in your sugar (if necessary). I added a teaspoon at a time until I got the right sweetness. Believe it or not, it was still WAY less sugar than the semi-sweet option at the store.
 Once your chocolate is melted and the sugar is incorporated, put a little chocolate into the bottom of your cells.
 Next, add in a few espresso beans (I did 2-3 per bomb).
 And finally, top with more chocolate. You don't have to fill the cells all the way. If you want LOTS of chocolate to espresso ratio (and more like truffles) then fill them up. You can also barely coat the beans, which makes them more like the individually chocolate covered store version. Next, put your tray in the fridge for a few hours and let the chocolate solidify. When it's all done, pop them out of their cells and eat!
I wanted to show you that once I start using the chocolate, I generally tip the top boiler a little bit so that it's angled and the chocolate is easier to scoop up.
Also, you can do some fun things with the bombs, like adding a drop or two of extract or a little spice! Consider mint for the winter or cinnamon for fall. Also, you can leave the espresso beans out and then just use the flavored bombs in actual coffee for a different sort of chocolate espresso bomb. I think in either form they'd make a fun gift, just be sure to write which kind they are so that your recipient doesn't end up having coffee beans in her cup of espresso!
I'm ready for Monday! I hope you are, too. All the best and as always- thanks for reading!

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