Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can You Paint on Sweaters? Should You?

I decided to experiment on one of my cashmere sweaters recently. Before you freak out, the sweater had a little hole in it and is too tight for every day use anyway, so it was a good candidate.
I've been wondering about painting on sweaters for a while now.  I do a lot of my CONTACT PAPER/freezer paper refashions to add text or graphics to clothes, but haven't tried with something more delicate like this.
This sweater was the perfect opportunity to try! And let's walk through it.

 First I started with my plain sweater and stuck a little magazine inside to prevent the paint bleeding through on to the back.
 Next, I drew on my bow design. Here's where it gets tricky- you don't want to use a contact paper stencil on a sweater like this, the fibers aren't strong enough. If you're wondering about your own sweater, stick a piece of contact paper on in an inconspicuous area and pull it off after several minutes, see how the sweater responds. For this, I free handed it. But you could always use a regular, non-sticky stencil if your sweater is too delicate. Use a good fabric pencil or VERY washable marker first if you're worried about getting it perfectly on.
 Next, fill in your outline with paint. I used regular fabric paint. I also got crazy and dusted some glitter on. For a good tutorial about glittering clothes, click HERE.
 The fibers pulled up a lot as I painted the sweater, so I took a very stiff, angled brush and pushed along the traced line to give it a cleaner look. Once everything is dry, you're free to trim any loose fibers as well- just not the actual sweater.
Here's the finished product closer up. It turned out a LOT better than I expected, but I still don't know if I'd use this on something formal or nice. It's a little too imperfect looking still. I'm fairly confident now that this would work on a thick-knit sweater, so perhaps I'll try that next!
Have a great weekend! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Have you tried it on a thick-knit yet? I kinda wanna Diy an ugly Christmas sweater and if you've tried it yet I would love to see your results. Thanks :)

    1. I haven't Riley- but I really need to! I'll try to get to it this week and update if I can :)

    2. I definitely look forward to that thick-knit! I'm trying to do a thing for a costume, but I'm terrified that I'll ruin my sweater. Hopefully it'll work for you! Can't wait to see your results and try it out myself! :)


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