Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY Refesher Hair + Body Spray

This is one of the many projects that I have been meaning to post, but we've been so busy with CLOSET SALES that I haven't had time. Have you had one yet? We've made *hundreds* of dollars so far!
This is a super easy project inspired by both my discontinued VS PINK Everything Refresher Spray and my Jonathan Product Redo Spray. I love both, they're so great for using in combination with dry hair shampoo. The DRY SHAMPOO sucks up oil and helps to remove any funky odors, but this really seals the deal. Jonathan made his for using on models hair to save time so they wouldn't have to wash and dry before restyling.
Again, I wanted a more natural product to achieve the same results, especially during bonfire season when my hair is definitely going to be soaking up some different smells and I really don't want to wash it. Which is all the time. Because I hate washing my hair more than twice per week.
The recipe doesn't require much and is a combination of the two, without the harsh stuff. This is per 100 mls of spray, so you can double or triple as necessary.
Start out by mixing 1/2 water and 1/2 rose water together. Here's a recipe for ROSE WATER. Next add in 6-10 drops of essential oil. You can go the lavender and ylang ylang route OR the citrus route. I did two drops each of lemon, grapefruit and tangerine, but remember that citrus is very drying. If you have dry hair- skip it. Lastly add in 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon (depending on dryness) of glycerin (preferably) or jojoba oil if you can't get your hands on it. It will add back in moisture to hair and keep the citrus oils from doing damage, though you should add it in whether or not you use citrus.
That's it! As an option, you can also add in 1 tsp of witch hazel, but make sure it is NOT the kind that has ANY rubbing alcohol in it. Otherwise you hair will really dry right up! This is also meant for skin which needs a quick refresher also. If you plan to use it mostly for skin, add more witch hazel- a tablespoon.
As long as it's in a small enough bottle, I find this to be WONDERFUL for flights! You can mist yourself with it for a little pick me up (citrus) when arriving or to calm and relax during the flight (lavender) as well as keep yourself feeling fresh and tidy.  Remember to shake before using.
I hope you enjoy it! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I might try this :) when you say 1/2 water and 1/2 rose water, how many ml is that?


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