Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday

Why Not?
Five things I love...
1. This Etsy seller and her fantastic earrings. I struggle with earrings because of my crazy sensitive ears that itch and burn from every post except for gold. Yes, that's right... my lobes have expensive taste. Anyway, I bought her custom initial earrings and wear them ALL THE TIME! They go with everything and never leave my ears screaming for relief. My only suggestion is to consider their gauge, 18. That's a bit thicker than standard and my ears definitely had to adjust, especially because I rarely wear earrings. If you often wear earrings- especially dangly ones you won't even notice. I can't wait to get the clouds next!
2. This DIY Maxi dress found by True Blue Me & You. Um... I LOVE IT! I can't wait to make my own tank top version for the last few days of summer.
left: awaiting the opening of the locked gate! suit from Target, technically a tankini which I bought too big and modified into a swim dress. right: floating on my favorite lake. Sailor suit from amazon seller below.
3.  One Piece Swimwear. Uhh, what? I used to hate one pieces because a) they were super ugly and b) they were super uncomfortable. Now that we've take a return to retro swimwear, I'm choosing it over my bikini options like CRAZY! Check out this romper from VS or this seller on
4. Moto Jackets. Whatever- you can't ignore them. I opened my bloglovin' email yesterday and 4 (FOUR!!) of the fashion blogs I follow had posted within a few hours of each other about moto jackets. I already have one, and am really grateful that it will be getting a lot of use this season! Check out the above BCBGENERATION pictured at AMAZON. I'm seeing them from Anthropologie with pretty dresses, a lot too. It seems like there's no wrong way to wear it this year!
5. Ashton Kutcher. Or apparently Chris? I feel like his role as Steve Jobs has really influenced him! If you haven't already watch/read this address his gives to kids. Good on you, Ashton. (photo from
Have a great weekend!

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