Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY All Natural Detoxifying Mask

I've been pretty obsessed with turmeric for skin over the last few months and working on a mask to share with you highlighting the wonder ingredient. It's both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, making it a great way to combat breakouts. I love how good it is for problematic skin, but it also hardcore stains your skin yellow when mixed with water and used full strength.
I took a poll on facebook last week asking the question, "If a certain DIY mask worked really well, but temporarily dyed your skin yellow (washed off with soap AND was covered up by makeup), would you still want the recipe for it?"
Most of the responses were a definite desire for the mask. But then, a really amazing blogger who I literally *just* started following about two weeks ago used a superstar ingredient that inspired me to change my original recipe and solved the staining problem. I decided to share both recipes, since the first is still effective and requires less ingredients.
4 tablespoons clay*
2 tablespoons turmeric**
5 drops tea tree oil
*I used european green clay since it's pretty standard and can be found in most health food stores, but I also really like my french pink. Feel free to use any clay that you + your skin are comfortable with.
** I purchase organic turmeric from the spice section at Target (archer farms brand) for about $3/bottle.
Mix the ingredients together well in a jar and store. When you're ready to use it, spoon out about 2 teaspoons into your hand and mix with water to form a paste. Apply it to your skin and leave on for as long as you're comfortable with, at least until it dries. Remove with warm water and a washcloth.
Let's talk about the staining. I felt like it left a yellow cast on my skin. A family member spoke at length with me in natural lighting (makeup free) and later claimed he hadn't noticed it at all. I definitely could see it. My covergirl aquasmooth foundation covered it up and at night when I washed my face, the stain was gone.
The mask is halfway dried in this photo. My pink robe is pretty hot, amiright??
Now then, a few days later I was inspired to add activated charcoal after seeing Humble Bee and Me post about it in her recent mask, which you should check out. I already owned some activated charcoal, it had been purchased to drink, but I could never actually bring myself to mix it in water and drink it.
When I mixed the turmeric in with this mask- it did NOT stain my skin at all. Activated charcoal really is as awesome as she says for not only detox, but also destroying bacteria. And it's true that it's brilliantly helpful for cysts beneath the skin. It draws the buggers right out. I hesitated to use activated charcoal because it isn't as readily available as the other ingredients, but it can be purchased from amazon HERE for about $8.50/4 oz if you'd like to try this out.
2 tablespoons clay*
1.5 tablespoons activated charcoal
3 tsp turmeric**
5 drops tea tree oil
*again, see the footnote up top about clay
** I changed the quantity of turmeric since the activated charcoal is so potent.
As before, mix the ingredients together and store in a jar. Follow the same instructions for the above mask. As a note, activated charcoal goes EVERYWHERE when you're stirring it up, so keep that in mind. It may be a slightly messy process!
I've been using the masks this week to help out with a recent dairy encounter. I'm allergic to casein in cow's milk and my skin always reacts with painful cysts when I'm exposed to it. These masks have been awesome at restoring my skin's clarity without over-drying. If you're feeling really intense, try using just turmeric and water to make a mask, it will certainly stain your skin but may really be helpful as well!
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 
** as with all masks/face products, spot check first to see how your skin tolerates the mask. These are both very strong and can cause irritation/redness in sensitive skin.


  1. ...I'm now wondering if my ice cream binge might have caused my angry skin!

    How long does the cyst drawing out part last?

    1. I would absolutely NOT be surprised. With the exception of butter, all dairy products break me out really badly in cysts along the jaw and chin. Google it! It's pretty common. For me, it took a couple of days for the mask to draw the cyst out, but mine generally take 2 weeks to come out on their own. Good luck!


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