Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Mixed Medium VS Supermodel Essentials Inspired Sweatshirt

I've been working on a lot of things over the last two weeks. An organic blush (which has been really tough!), a Kate Spade knockoff and some other little things.
This sweatshirt is among them. It's a nice ballerina pink shade which meant it immediately went my basket. However, it was kind of boring and I assumed from day one that it would need a little help.
Recently when I saw some Supermodel Essential sweatshirts at VS it seemed like they were the perfect solution to my boring sweatshirt problem.
Originally, I wanted to put a crown in the center and write the cities around it, but I wouldn't find my crown graphic.
I used two shades of gold paint as well as white paint and glitter. You can follow my GLITTER tutorial here to refashion on fabric with glitter that stays put.  Glitter + glue and/or paint is not enough to keep the glitter in place on the clothing.
 First. I made a straight line across the midsection using masking tape. Then I laid out the stamps I used for LONDON across the line to see where the letters should fall.
 Then I followed my GLITTER tutorial to create LONDON in the center of the shirt, using stamps this time instead of a stencil.
 Next, I moved my baseline underneath LONDON and spaced the letters out again using a different set of alphabet stamps. All three sets were purchased at Hobby Lobby, each for between 1.5 and 3 dollars. I lined the S up with the N and moved backwards, stamping right on the line.
 The color turned out a lot more brown than I anticipated so I ended up going over it in the gold color color from Milan. You could just mix up two separate colors.
 Lastly, the third stamp set was for MILAN and the M was lined up with the L.
DONE! Allow to dry and touch up as needed. This picture was taken before I touched up the PARIS text. It looks much better in the next photo.
When it was originally finished, it seemed that the words were too small. But once the sweatshirt was on they looked spot on. I've made the same mistake in underestimate size before and ended up with purses that dwarfed me! If I did this over again, I'd use our favorite cities rather than the fashionable ones listed by VS. It would be fun to do a hometown/college town/current home variation for myself or as a present. 
Hopefully I can get the blush tutorial up soon! Perfect for very sensitive skin,  minimal ingredients and a lovely flush. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!

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