Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Stockings (customization + inspiration)

I've been working on a 12 Days of Christmas series for the last few weeks and we're ready to launch!
Last year I didn't do anything for Christmas, the year before I had done a GARLAND, FEATHER TREE, ADVENT CALENDAR and TREE SKIRT so I decided just to skip. However, this year brought a slew of fresh inspiration.
First up are the stockings! We have struggled throughout our marriage to find the perfect stockings, and so we haven't really had any. I really wanted to remedy that this year, but once again- the fair isle stockings I wanted sold out before I could get them! The original plan was to get two fair isle stockings (one red, one white) and then have the red one as John's and the white as mine. As we had children, we would add these plain stockings, with the white for girls and the red for boys.
SO I decided to take the plain stockings and customize them! I got these for $6 each from Hobby Lobby. All other supplies are also from Hobby Lobby. I'm starting with the stockings because I'd LOVE your input! I haven't made a final decision yet :)
I bought white monograms and simply painted (vs. dyeing) them with gold acrylic paint and topped it with glitter paint.
I also used ribbon that incorporated all three stocking colors (Hobby Lobby, $5), crown appliqués ($2, eBay) & jingle bells ($3.50 for 70, Hobby Lobby) for all of the different looks.
Here we have a monogram + appliqué for the boys and a big bow + monogram for the girls. Below, there's a bowtie version for boys as well... bowties are cool. UPDATE: John liked the bowtie, so the directions for it are below :)
 A length of coordinating ribbon can be hot glued to the center of stockings to create cohesion between two different colors. The identical emblems at the top also tie the two together.
 I didn't want to actually attach them- but jingle bells! use the ribbon on the stockings as a guide and sew the bells on every third rib. I absolutely love the way jingle bells sound.
 This was the original idea- and why I bought such small monograms. Iron-on emblem in the top corner and a monogram underneath.
 Another idea is to put a more complete monogram on, with your first and last initials surrounding an appliqué.
This is another favorite girl/boy idea, with a big bow for the girls and a ribbon strip for the boys. I would get a much larger monogram for the center of the top if using this idea.
I haven't made any of these permanent because I just can't  decide! If you want to weigh in- or have another idea for customizing stockings/making them look cohesive and personalized, feel free to leave a comment!
**here are the instructions for the bow tie stockings
 Start by flipping your stocking to the back and inserting your ribbon, pretty side down.
 edge it all the way around, halfway out and halfway in.
 Flip it up and hot glue in place. Hot glue bow over top in the center.
Done! His and hers bow + bowtie stockings
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Love those Xmas socks!!!!


  2. Hi, I LOVE your designs. I did something similar for my girls with these exact same stockings from Hobby Lobby. But now I have a crazy question for you. I just recently had another little girl and I can not find these stockings anywhere. Is there any chance that you have an extra green one just laying around? I would love to buy it from you. I am really wanting to make my newest little one a matching stocking to her sisters... but am finding this harder than I thought. Any advice would be awesome!!

    Crystal Sutherland

    1. I think I saw them a couple weeks ago at Hobby Lobby again! I'm going today and I'll check for you <3 shoot me an e-mail or message on facebook.


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