Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Christmas Card Bunting + Inspiration

TODAY... today.... *today* is the beginning of the Christmas Season for us. We will put up our tree and have our Christmas party all weekend long. It's an annual tradition for John and I. We don't celebrate our anniversaries (we eloped way before our wedding), so instead this is like our big celebration each year.
In honor, I decided to share a simple Christmas card bunting project and a few different ways to personalize or switch it up depending on your preferences.
You won't need many supplies and it doesn't take much time.
I was shopping with my cousin the other day and saw a similar bunting at Target. I felt like it wasn't quite the theme of our home and decided to make our own.

 In total, I used some clothespins, some clipart available HERE for $2.99, some small gold rope (Hobby Lobby, $1.50 for 5 yards) and some glittered tacks I made in THIS POST. I bought the clipart to use for some other la vie projects as well as to make our Christmas cards this year. Alternatively, you can use any Christmas-y things you have OR, another fun idea would be to cut shapes (circles, stars, whatever) out of old Christmas cards that you love.
 I started by painting half of my clothespins with some acrylic paint (two coats).
I glittered the other half by applying modpodge, dumping it all over the glitter and then allowing it to dry. Normally,  I'd seal the glitter with a clear coat of spray paint, but for this project I let it be.
Next I cut out my objects, leaving a little white halo around all of them. Again, you can use whatever you'd like! I should mention that I printed them on heavy weight card stock. Once they were cut out, I just hot glued them to the clothespins.
Next I hung my rope. I used about 6-7 feet and started by putting up the middle of it with two tacks spaced about 18 inches apart. You can decide if you want the bunting to be straight in a line (by pulling the rope really taut) or if you want a curvy row (by leaving it a little loose). I left my slightly loose. If you want a more curvy shape, you'll need longer rope. Be sure to leave some on the ends for growth!
Here's the finished project!
It's amazing how color coordinated all of the cards were with the bunting. Clearly these are trending Christmas colors.
If you want to make a really impressive wall, I suggest stacking rows of these, maybe 4-5 rows. If you get a lot of Christmas cards, it would be easy to fill four rows of nine cards each. If not, you can always save your favorite cards each year and redisplay them. You could even put the putting all around the four walls of the room! I think I'll stack a few more rows on to the same wall as more cards come in.
Lastly, we briefly considered adding bells at the ends of the bunting, but decided against it since it's so early in the season and we will want the extra rope to hang cards. But it is an option!
I hope you're getting in the spirit! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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