Friday, November 1, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole- An Alice in Wonderland Party

My mom loves planning parties for children. Every year when I was small she'd throw me a harvest costume party that was super themed and totally out of control fun. Now that my brother and I have grown up, she has started planning parties for her grandchildren instead and throws the same sort of party for my nieces each year.
This year my eldest niece wanted to have an Alice in Wonderland party and I thought I'd share some of the details  (though I didn't get pictures of even half of it...) with you for some inspiration.
I'm fighting the urge to go all hipster on you with, "my mom was planning themed parties before it was cool..." ... but there it is! She's super creative and has been doing this for about 30 years, which was awesome for me and continues to be awesome for her grandchildren.
I've blurred out the children's faces for their protection (even my nieces). My mom cut out zillions of props from cardboard and painted them like the characters from the Disney version. Instead of hookah (good choice, mom) this little guy is blowing bubbles and there's a whole bubble station surrounding him for the kids to join in. She also painted some mushrooms (you may be able to see part of a pink one) to surround him.
 Here we have flamingo croquet. Giant planting cards bent in half with little feet attached, the poles are made from PVC and felt.  I'm Alice, JSYK. Mediterranean girls should *never* wear blonde wigs for the record. My mom sewed my costume, she also made an identical one for my eldest niece to wear. The littlest wore a queen of hearts costume my mom sewed. It had the card-colored tutu and an adorable jacket. You can't imagine how cute it was. I *almost* broke the rules and put a picture of her up. Almost. My older niece is in the picture above with me. Do you see her flamingo purse? She has juvenile diabetes, so that themed purse is carrying her pump. So sweet.
 More cardboard cut outs! She did a few of these for kids to stick their little faces in. Here we have tweedledee and tweedledum.
 Lots and LOTS of food! A cake with a chessboard + pieces made from chocolate, which she did herself. Cupcakes with cards and chocolate hearts as well. She prepares everything at home and transfers it to my brother's house for the party. It would be a lot easier to do it onsite yourself!
EAT ME stamped cookies and heart cutout sandwiches. The sandwiches are made from nesting cookie cutters. You can purchase an 'eat me' stamp on Etsy. 
 More takeaways! My mom made little certificates for the children who attended and also sent home "take me" prize bags. I have no idea what was inside of the bags. Like last year, there was also a massive (hand painted) backdrop of the tea party so that kids could take their picture with Alice and The Mad Hatter (played by my husband who is certainly the best uncle ever) and so many more games and details I wasn't able to see or photograph. I also know there was a giant "off with his head" game where kids took turns knocking the head off of a giant (hand painted) card henchman with baseballs. And I also saw kids coloring and assembling cheshire cat masks. And so much more!
My niece is having a Nutcracker Party next year (be still my heart!) and this time I'm getting involved with decorating (as well as playing the Sugar Plum Fairy), so you can expect me to do a better job of documentation then!
Also- welcome to NOVEMBER!!! Which for me is the start of the Christmas season! WOOOO!! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, amazing! Your mom is so very, very talented. This is magnificent. Can't wait to see the Nutcracker party.

  2. Wow, amazing! Your mom is very, very talented. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Nutcracker party.

    1. Yes, she really is! I am very much looking forward to next year's party as well! :)


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