Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Christmas Wall Art

An easy project you can do in 10 minutes!
I've been thinking about this one for a while. Hobby Lobby had the cutest wall art for Christmas with different song lyrics and color schemes. Before I could get my hands on one, they sold out! So I decided to make it for the blog.
I'm a little surprised at the chosen song, since I really don't like snow! But it's such a happy song. My printable needs to be updated :/ my computer deleted the original jpeg and the one I'm using isn't the best. I'll redo a new one tomorrow so that you can use it instead if the resolution of this one is too low for your project. I was thinking of doing some more too, with different color schemes and song titles- so if you have any special requests, now is the time!
Creating the printable took a while, but if you're just going to print something pre-created off and do this project, it should take less than ten minutes (not including dry time!).
 I started with a plaque purchased from Hobby Lobby for $2.99
 I painted it using standard acrylic paint, and allowed it to dry.
Next, I created this printable.
 Printed it on card stock.
 Trimmed down the edges with a paper cutter.
And lastly, used 3M spray adhesive to attach it to the wood. SO simple! You can also attach framing hardware ($2, hobby lobby) to the back of your plaque and hang it on the wall. (I made more printables here!)
Afterwards I decided to make it double sided. I flipped it over and painted the other side grey. I used another printable from the above link as well.
This time around, I rounded the edges with scissors to match the rounded silhouette of the back side.
To hang the plaque, I cut a length of 16 inches of ribbon. The ends were folded over and duck taped in place. I know it sounds odd, but I wanted to add more firmness so that the ribbon wouldn't tear once hung. I wasn't sure how glue would hold up.
Two upholstery tacks were hammered in over the ribbon to hold it in place. I thought they were more fun than nails or push pins. 
I hope you had the greatest Thanksgiving! I am SO ready for Christmas! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading.

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