Saturday, December 21, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Fur Cuff Scarf (a few ways)

This may go down in history as one of my favorite projects. I was inspired by the fur infinity scarf that Joie clothing put out a few months ago, but as time went on this project changed and evolved into a fur cuff that can be snapped in place or also worn open and hanging down if desired. I love how it turned out, and it was surprisingly simple. This is another easy project for beginners who want to use their sewing machines but aren't super familiar with them. And of course, it's a fantastic last minute gift! I wanted something that was slim enough to fit under my coat and tightly against my neck without having to wrap it or put it over my hair. I like scarves that don't interfere with my hair! I also needed it to pack a huge warm punch, and this answered all of my needs! I purchased the fabric from Hobby Lobby and paid $8 for the 3/8ths of a yard length. 
Start by folding your fur in half and pinning in place. My fur was 16 inches by 30 inches (before folding). Remember that you want to leave some room for the seam. The finished product is about 27 inches long and 7 inches high.
Trim the edges into a rounded shape and pin in place.
Use one of the trimmed edges on the other side as a guide for how much to cut, this way your sides will match. Pin.
Run through your sewing machine on a straight stitch from one end all the way around, stopping at the other end and leaving about 3-4 inches unsewn. Trim the edges.
Flip your fabric right side out by pushing through the open edge that was left unsewn.
This is what you have so far!
 Next, tuck the edges of your unsewn part in and blind stitch. I tried to show it, but the fur is too dense and you can't see!
Here it is!
Now you can choose how you want to attach your scarf. You can sew in two pieces of ribbon (this is best done at the beginning) and tie it. You can use a snap like I did or you can even use velcro if you're feeling super lazy. I sewed a snap on for mine. If you really,  really want to you can even attach the cuff using a pretty broach or a safety pin. 
Here's the finished project! I'll probably take a few more pictures in Chicago this weekend wearing it, but needed to snap a few quickly so that it could be posted before we leave.
I hope you have the greatest weekend! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


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