Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Hair Pieces + giveaway!

Here's a super easy way to be festive- throw on a holiday-themed hair piece!
I'm going to show you how to make three really quickly, and then give you the opportunity to have one for yourself!
All of the ribbon (and the floral picks) came from Hobby Lobby. You'll recall that this is the same ribbon from the STOCKING DIY. Other than that you'll need a glue gun and the hair attachment of your choice. I used a clip and a headband. The giveaways will be barrettes/clips. I used both a wired and non-wire ribbon so you can see the difference in how it sits. The wired is more flexible and shape-able, but also looks funky if someone bumps it. The non-wired isn't  as dramatic.
 When I make hair bows of this size, I start by cutting off a piece of ribbon about 10 inches in length. Fold it into a circle and hot glue the ends together.
 Next, I pinch in the center. If the hot glued area won't pinch- then just shift it over to the side slightly.
 Next decide if you want to use the same ribbon to cinch the center or something coordinating.
 Depending on the thickness of the ribbon, cut off a small length to cinch with and fold it either in half or in thirds. I had to fold in thirds for this piece. Hot glue it into the proper width.
 Wrap it around the cinched area and hot glue in back. Both ends!
 Here's your bow!
 Now add the attachment of choice. For little clips like this, I always attach a piece of fabric/ribbon over the glued area for extra security and to make it a little prettier.
Finished product!
Here I followed the same method with a wireless ribbon and hot glued the bow to the side of a headband.
And the easiest hairpiece of all? Shove some extra floral picks into your bun! I've been wearing a mistletoe piece in my hair for work (we have a festive theme and I prefer that to hats!) and it works SO well! I couldn't find my mistletoe last night, so instead I threw in some white berries. If you want a Seussical look, use long wired floral pics and curl them around your fingers.
I'd LOVE to give you a free bow for Christmas! If you'd like one, just comment below or on the Facebook page telling me if you'd like the striped or sweater ribbon. I'll pick two winners.
Less than one week til Christmas! Have a fantastic day! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading.


  1. I'd love the sweater bow! Where did you get that ribbon? It is so adorable!!

    1. Original winners could not be located: Send me an e-mail at and I'll get one shipped out to you!

  2. I like the striped ribbon the most.

    1. Original winners could not be located: Send me an e-mail at and I'll get one shipped out to you!


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