Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: DIY Uses for Floral Picks

I got a massive dose of the flu last week, which put a huge damper on the series. Basically everything I have left requires me being photographed by... not myself... aside from this! SO we're going to try to kick out the last half of 12 days of Christmas-starting today- before Christmas is over! Are you ready?
It'll go really quickly.
If you made a WREATH this year, you may have found yourself with a ton of extra floral picks. I really love them and find a zillion uses for them outside of wreaths, so I'm going to share a few with you today.
There are some more that will pop up throughout the remainder of the series, but they fit into other categories so you won't see them here :)

After we finished our wreaths, we were left with a massive amount of excess. That's probably an additional $30 worth of supplies right there, so I didn't want to waste them!
The first thing to remember is that picks are completely de-constructable. You can take them apart by ripping each stem off, and even the balls can be ripped from the stem. Or you can use wire cutters and clip specific pieces off.
First, I threw some in extra ornament bulbs. The green were ripped entirely from their stems. For the blue ball, I cut apart pieces of stems and pushed them in. You can hang these from trees, of course, but you can also strew them about your house to carry the theme from your wreath throughout.
 Vases! Some picks are basically screaming to be put in vases, but you can use non-traditional picks for this as well. The gingerbread men are made to spice up a wreath, but they look very festive here as well. I used jingle bells as vase filler for the top and ripped off glittered bulbs from some picks to use as vase filler in the bottom.
 This is the most traditional, and my favorite. Very simple- just a few picks cut down to size and tossed in a vase made from an old salad dressing jar.
Here, a bow, jingle bells and multiple different floral picks (for different textures) are combined. Remember that picks with wire can be sculpted.
 I'm always encouraging people to put picks in their trees as well! The wire from a piece ripped from the bunch is wrapped around the base of the branch and is left sticking straight out.
 Here, I wrapped the pick around the branch.
 And here, I curled the pick and let it spiral out from the branch.
 You can always stick entire pieces of floral picks straight in as well- you don't need to attach them or anything. They can be pushed right into the branch.
Here's an entire piece, again, sticking out from the bottom of the tree. Use larger (entire) floral clumps on the bottom where the base is larger and trim down as you go up.
And lastly, a few sprigs sticking out on top!
I hope you're getting your list all crossed off for Christmas! We have just a few more presents to buy, but so many more blogs to post!
Have a great day. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading. 

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