Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: Easy Zippered Scarf Cuff

This originally was a fur project (which I have changed up and will post soon), but as most of my projects do- it evolved into something else. I'm really excited about this scarf- it's very warm and comfy, the zipper aspect makes it versatile for the weather and also for protecting your hair and it's cute! Every time I wear it in public, there are compliments. JSYK.
This is a very easy project and a great opportunity for you to bust out your sewing machine. I know in this day and age a LOT of my friends own sewing machines but haven't actually used them. This won't take you very long and it's super easy. The zipper method we're using today isn't technically correct, but for the purpose of this project it definitely works. The goal is to create a lovely little present for yourself or someone on your list!
If I were to do this again (and I already have the fabric picked out...) I would use a reversible zipper and make it full length. That would not only increase versatility but it would also make the project a lot easier than the half zip. So you can keep that in mind :)
All of my supplies came from Hobby Lobby. I bought plaid fabric and then some black fleece for a total of $3.51. I got 3/8ths of a yard of each. The zipper I used is 7 inches and cost $1.99. Again, next time I'd use a full length, reversible zipper. Start by cutting the shape you'd like. My scarf was cut to 13 X 18 inches, but you may want yours to be taller/shorter/longer/whatever. Once both pieces are cut to size, put them on top of each other with the patterned/right sides touching and the ugly/wrong sides facing out. With my fabric there was no right or wrong side. Pin them together along the long sides. I marked it out with clothespins.
Next run it through the sewing machine. I used a straight, tight stitch. Use coordinating thread, I just used violet so you could see it against the black fleece. Once you have sewn the edges, flip it right side out. At this point you should press it with an iron. You can choose how you want it to lay, too. For example, You may want it to be half fleece and half plaid on each side, so iron it making the seams in the middle instead of at the top and bottom. Or you just may want 1 inch of plaid on the other side, so iron it with the seam that way.
Next sew the sides. Fold the edges in all the way around and pin in place (marked by my clothespins again). You don't want to sew the plaid and fleece together this time- you want to only hem their edges all the way around. Again, I used a straight and tight stitch. Repeat on the other side.
Now we will connect the sides by attaching the zipper. Again, a full-length zipper (as tall as your scarf) is way easier. Slide the zipper in between the plaid and fleece on one end and pin in place (so it's like a cake with a plaid layer, then the edge of the zipper as it's filling and a final layer of fleece). If you're doing a full length zipper, pin it top to bottom. You can fold over the extra bits of zipper edge on top and bottom if you'd like. I folded mine in on top so that there wouldn't  be much space at the top without the zipper.
UNZIP the zipper and use a tight, straight stitch to sew in place. You don't want to get too close to the actual teeth of the zipper and try to sew a very straight line. If you're using a full length zipper or not, sew all the way to the bottom. If you aren't using a full length zipper, make sure you pin the fleece and plaid together the rest of the way down so they stay in a neat line while sewing. This is NOT the technical method for sewing in a zipper, I didn't even use a zipper foot! But it works for something this basic and will help you get that machine out and use it!
Repeat the other side.
If you have a full length zipper- you're done! If you're going halfsies, you need to connect the bottom part. I blind stitched the sides together.
Hopefully you can see this, but I actually stitched only the black fleece together so that the top plaid had no markings at all. Once you reach the bottom, be sure to really knot that stitch so that it's strong and lasts.
I actually chose this exact plaid so I'd have a scarf for my puffer. It's cold in Michigan, but when we're out doing Christmas shopping, I don't like wearing my big heavy coat. It's way too hot in the over crowded stores for that. Puffer + scarf = winning combo!
I hope you're ready for a great week! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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