Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Easiest DIY Bracelet Ever. (J. Crew inspired)

Ready for the easiest, laziest DIY bracelet ever?
Here we go.
Hobby Lobby has a "Metal Gallery" line that sells for between  $4-8 and comes with about 7-8 inches of attaches gems/stones/whatever. I think the idea is to break them apart and use them for something else, or add things together... or ... whatever else you want... but you know what's easiest? To just make a bracelet out of them!
I chose this strand (item number 321869) because it reminds me of the J. Crew Venus Flytrap set which is extremely popular. This strand is $6.99, but Metal Gallery does go half off at least once per month at Hobby Lobby OR you can use a 40% off coupon.
I also picked up some brass heavy weight jump rings and lobster claws from Metal Gallery as well.

This is the Venus Flytrap necklace currently for sale at J.Crew. It's $98. The necklace is circular rather than tear dropped, but they have the same feel.
 Everything you'll need, right here.
Simplest project ever? I literally attached the lobster claw to one end of the strand with a  jump ring. I didn't even use jewelry tools, I just pried the jump ring apart, slid it through the end of the strand and the loop on the lobster claw and pushed it back together. It would be way easier with some pliers, but they weren't on hand. I got a tip from a jewelry maker in the aisle, she said to slide the ends of the jump ring side to side when opening. Apparently if you pull them apart (like a pac-man mouth) it weakens the link.
I'm considering buying another strand to make matching earrings. A whole set, people!
Happy Wednesday, hopefully the new year is treating you well. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


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