Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY Dollhouse/Mini Frames

About a month ago I ordered some Instagram prints from Social Print Studio. I was really bummed when they hadn't come in yet so I e-mailed the reps. Within an hour, I heard back that there had been a mistake with my order and someone had dropped the ball in not notifying me. I was really annoyed.
But you know what? Two of their customer service people (that's you, Caroline + Jenny!) were so brilliantly helpful that it changed my outlook on the situation. I ended up ordering MORE than I had before and decided to make some fun blog posts with the projects in addition to the present I had ordered the prints for.
Today we're starting with these little mini frames. I thought they would be darling in a dollhouse so there are a few for some children I used to nanny as well as my nieces. They're so cute, though, that I made a few for my desk as well!
This project features the Mini Stickers from Social Print Studio. You can buy a pack of 252 for $10. Kids love seeing their own faces in general and having framed pictures of themselves to play with and customize dollhouses is fantastic!
I started with some little mini wooden squares from Hobby Lobby ($1.99/8, they don't go on sale so bring a coupon). They're just a titch larger than an inch.
Next I painted them in an array of colors. I also modpodged some with scrapbook paper scraps for a decorative frame look. That's really simple, just spread a layer of modpodge over the wood on front, place the paper on it, wrap around and glue down on the back. Allow to dry.

To make them stand up like frames, there are a few options. The cheap option (what I used) is just to cut up a store promotion card. You know the $10 off a bra coupons that VS sends in the mail?  That's it! Kohl's sends them, too, and so does Macy's. I literally cut them into strips, folded them in half and taped them to the back. You can also glue them with a strong glue (like E600).
Another option is to buy wood scraps (again, Hobby Lobby sells these) and glue them with E600 to the back. It's more permanent and looks a lot nicer, definitely. You could also glue them directly to the walls of the dollhouse if that's the purpose.
Once they're all dry, simply stick the stickers to the centers of the frames! Voila! I'm thinking of attaching magnets to the backs of some as well.
I really love my mini stickers and can't wait to show you other ways they're being used up! I hope you're having the best week so far, and if not- that it gets much better :) All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is my favorite book of all time. I enjoy the backdrop in these photos. (:

    1. hey, you! Haven't heard from you in a while- how is ballet? I love the series, too! I bought that copy from Barnes and Noble for my husband a few years ago, it was too pretty to resist :)

    2. Hallo! I haven't been able to take any more ballet since last spring, with my class schedule, but I'm staying in shape and determined to pick it up again when I can! How about you--have you been able to stick with it through the move and such?


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