Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Embellished Insta Magnets

(First instaproject HERE)
This next project features the Mini Squares from Social Print Studio. They are $15 for 48 2 3/8 by 2 3/8 photos.
My friend recently posted about how she had some magnets made from instagram pictures of her adorable baby. I thought they were super fun, but since I had *just* ordered my own insta prints, another order seemed unnecessary.
PLUS- I could easily make the magnets using the mini prints! Stickygram charges $14.99 for a set of nine. That would mean that making your own is a much more cost effective plan (sorry, Christine!) if you would like more than nine OR you have an extra use for more of the Mini Squares (I do!).
These make super fun gifts (I did some for my parents, brother, in laws + friends) and can be embellished further or left as is.

I started with this sticky-back magnetic craft roll from Hobby Lobby ($9.99, bring a coupon- it doesn't go on sale!). I paid $5.99 for it and made 20 magnets with PLENTY of extra for another day (at least another 20-30 more).
I rolled it out and let it lay flat for a bit.
Next, peel back the protective cover to expose the sticky side and start putting your prints in place. You want to leave a very, very small space in between the pictures. Really, just enough for a scissor slice. I should have done a better job, it would have made the next step so much easier! Once they're all applied, really press them into the magnetic sheet so that they adhere well and the corners don't turn up later. You could even put a piece of wax paper over them (so they don't get dirty or mangled) and set some heavy (really heavy) books on top.
Cut out your pictures. I started by cutting into rows and then cutting each individual picture out from the row. Trim away excess magnet. Again- when applying the photos, if you leave *just* enough space to cut between the pictures you will be able to eliminate a lot of work. This part took be about 10 minutes, but could have taken 2.
Ta da! Here they are as is, without any embellishment. I love them!
You can also spice them up with some stickers! I used some extra stickers from my VALENTINE'S PROJECT from Hobby Lobby (sticko brand, $1.99) to monogram with and then some little gold alpha stickers from Target ($1 for 210) to make words with.
A little John + Auna here :) I used a gold sharpie to add the +. 
And here, a little monogram + word action.
 We can also play with glitter. I would have preferred to use just a standard bottle of Elmer's glue for this, but couldn't find it! I had to paint modpodge on, and that wasn't as easy. For this magnet, I just lined the framing in glue, coated in glitter, allowed it to dry and shook the excess off.
I always glitter over top a piece of paper so that I can funnel the excess back into the container, but I've also seen special plates (from Martha Stewart) for that as well.
 And for my niece, I added a little pink glitter heart. If you have nice handwriting, you could also add words or other drawings/accentuation of things with glitter.
My heart was perfect the first time, but the glitter frame required 2 coats.
Aside from stickers and glitter- you can find a million other embellishments at any craft store! Stick on gems, little shapes and notes, all kinds of textures... anything! I recommend Hobby Lobby's paper crafting section for more inspiration.

If you missed my last post about dollhouse/mini frames, you can get that HERE. Stay tuned for more instaprojects coming your way! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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